5 Must-Attend Twitter Promotional Campaigns This Winter

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Social media marketing is an optimal way to reach your desire audience and maximize your sales. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are the strongest social networking websites. The majority of marketers truly invest a lot of effort and time in these platforms to reach their global customers.

Twitter is probably the most popular social media website at the moment. It is highly used by small businesses, e-marketers and multinational brands for PR and advertisement. Various marketing activities of Twitter are often considered to be silly such as tweetathon, twontest and tweetchat, but the truth is that these campaigns have proved successful and highly effective for the businessmen. Marketers and brands have so much to learn from them.

Here are the best Twitter promotional campaigns to join this winter:

1. UNICEF India

UNICET India runs its Twitter campaign every year; the purpose of this campaign is to promote UNICEF’s "Awaaz Do" (means “raise your voice”) for attracting more unschooled kids towards education. This Twitter campaign is headed by Buzzvalve CEO Rohan Chandrashekhar. You can participate in the campaign and attend its workshops for the betterment of your business. As a participant, you’ll learn how to share analytics with celebrities and leaders to let to get maximum business exposure. The campaign is run for two to three weeks, and participants work hard to set up a two-way communication channel between the world and them.

2. IBM’s Event Conversation

IBM focuses much on expanding its social media strategies; for that reason, the tech firm has developed a social media hub. The page includes regular tweets, Flickr photos, Facebook likes, and videos of keynote sessions of different IBM conferences. To keep its chatters organized on Twitter campaign, IBM has employed the hashtag #ls11. It is one of the most powerful strategies of IBM to grasp the world’s attention towards its social media profiles especially Twitter. Participants are invited to attend different workshops, and you can learn to aggregate and organize your brand by making splashes on Twitter. The campaign is held in October.

3. American Airlines

Every now and then, American Airlines runs a Twitter contest “Tweet to Win 30k Miles”. The concept was initially given on the company’s 30 anniversary. World’s reputed businessmen and marketers are invited to this annual campaign. To drive traffic, the campaign is promoted via social media channels, and new Twitter followers are attracted through @AAdvantage Twitter account. The participants, are taught how to gain around 15,000 clicks via Twitter, and how to expand their businesses in a couple of months, through different discussions and mini-workshops. You can submit an online application form for this upcoming campaign.

4. Network Solutions

Super Bowl started a campaign named Network Solutions that works with agency CRT/tanaka to spoof GoDaddy’s infamous Super Bowl commercials. The participants have a chance to win $100,000. The campaign centers around parody commercial hosted on YouTube. As a campaign participant, you can learn to drive traffic to YouTube videos directly from Twitter through different workshops and group discussions; so it’s the bright chance to avail.

5. USA for UNHCR

USA for UNHCR arranges a "tweetathon" as part of its overall Blue Key Campaign. Interested businessmen and marketers are welcomed to be a part of this Twitter campaign. As a participant, you’ll be asked to purchase a symbolic $5 Blue Key pin. A tweetathon creates awareness about the effective use of Twitter for marketing and promotion of brands.

So if you yearn to get on-board with Twitter, the above promotional campaigns can be the great beginning.




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