5 Must Haves for the Business Traveler

If you travel for your job, you can appreciate having items that make frequent travel easier. From getting through security checkpoints and more comfortable plane rides to traveling as light as possible without sacrificing certain amenities while on travel, here’s a list of items to make your travels as smooth as possible.

Breeze through Security Checkpoints

1. Hickies:  When you get to the security checkpoint you want to be as prepared as possible. Security checkpoints can be a drag, having to take all your personal items and place them in plastic bins for scanning. Well Hickies can make that task a little easier—with your shoes anyway. Hickies turn your laced shoes into slip-ons. They are elastic bands that fit through the eyelets on your shoes and come in 16 different colors to match a variety of shoes.

2. Airport Chico by Jon Hart Design:  To be airline compliant you need to have your travel toiletries in a clear plastic bag. The Airport Chico, by Jon Hart Design is a monogrammed reusable airline compliant toiletry bag, trimmed in leather with an array of trim colors. Having a pre-packed bag to keep on hand will aid in a speedy packing process as well.

3. Mobile Edge ScanFast Briefcase:  Ever had to pull your laptop out of your bag at checkpoints? It’s a hassle, I know. Now there’s a laptop bag that is will let you to keep it tucked away, but still allow the scanning devices to see everything in your laptop bag unobstructed. The Mobile Edge ScanFast checkpoint friendly bags come in a variety of styles for women and men including messenger bags, briefcases and backpacks. On top of getting you through checkpoints faster, it’s got an eco-friendly design. Made from DuPont Serono material, which is derived from corn, it’s a bag you can feel good about carrying. 

Efficient Packing System

4. Skyroll Carry-on Bag:  Okay you say all this is great but what about the carry-on, which may be the most important investment in travel companions? Let’s say you have 3-day business trip where you will need at least two suits. A regular old garment bag is one solution, but they can be bulky and your suits still always have that wrinkle in the middle where the bag folds. They also don’t make the best use of space to carry the rest of your clothing, shoes and toiletries. The Skyroll on wheels is the solution to your baggage problems.

On many airlines you are able to carry-on one bag that will fit in the overhead compartment neatly, as well as an additional bag such as a purse or briefcase. So, if your goal is to travel without having to check anything, this is your solution.

Skyroll is a carryon bag plus a garment bag all in one. The genius in the Skyroll is that it has a garment bag that detaches for you to pack your suits and shirts. In the carry-on bag you pack all your other clothing and shoes. It also has a neat toiletry compartment on top to store these for easy access. Once all packed, you take your garment attachment and roll it around the perimeter of the carry-on and viola! You have successfully packed all your items into one carry-on and your suits will be ready to go when you get to your destination.

Comfortable Travel

5. Kuhi Comfort Pillow:  When you have a long flight, what you want most of all is to be as comfortable as possible for the duration of the flight. Once on board, you may cozy up with a book or your favorite magazine. But eventually you will need to get some shut-eye. Travel sleep is not the most optimal situation for rest and relaxation, but we can always try and make it better. In comes the Kuhi (pronounced koo-ee) Comfort. Kuhi Comfort is a neck pillow that is adjustable to your preference, comes in three designs: original, satin or cuddle fur. It is super portable with its own carry case that attaches neatly to your carry-on bag.

Hopefully, these suggestions will give you some ideas as to what’s out there to make your business travels easier, and you’ll soon be traveling like a pro.


Photo Credit: Airport Traveller by Nick Harris on Flickr




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