5 Natural Allergy Remedies

You’re a snotty, sniffling mess, your eyes are bloodshot and you’re always sleepy because you’re constantly high on cough medicine. Seasonal allergies can be hell for people that suffer for them and going through the day as an allergy-drug zombie isn’t the best solution. Fear not fair-snot monster I am here to take your snot away…actually you can keep the snot, but I’ll help you remedy it, without the pharmaceutical induced fog.

1. Nettle Tea

nestle tea


A nettle is a plant of the order rosales and its scientific name is Urtica dioica. If you noticed that its scientific name is reminiscent of ‘urine’ it’s because it is; nettle tea makes you pee and the people that named it knew that evidently. It also stings like a mother if you touch it in the forest. But don’t worry, drinking it is fine as it boosts the immune system, helps quell inflammation and helps with allergic rhinitis (that’s what you have  - also known as ‘runny nose’).

2. Bee Pollen/ Local Honey



See, not all medicine needs a spoonful of sugar to help it go down. Honey is sweeter than sugar and it’ll help you save some Kleenex during allergy season. Also, Bee Pollen which is ironically named since it’s not the bees’ pollen, but the plants’ they viciously sold it from. Not only do they steal the pollen, but then they make honey out of it, further capitalizing on the poor defenceless plants. So don’t feel guilty, you’re just stealing something that was stolen in the first place. You’re like nature’s vigilante. Pollen Man/Woman!

3. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil


Koalas eat about half a pound of eucalyptus leaves a day and they don’t have allergies, but I wouldn’t recommend it since eucalyptus leaves are kind of poisonous. Instead, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in steaming water, place a towel over your head and act like a genie (the steam will only add to the effect). No, actually use the towel to catch the steam and breathe in the vapours which should clear you right up! You can even drink the solution when you’re done with it. Actually don’t, you probably dripped some snot in it while you held your head over the bowl. 

4. Saline Nasal Spray


Saline is just a fancy word for salt water and you can get it at a drug store or make your own at home. Just spray it up your honker (which is your nose, do not spray saltwater into other orifices please) and let it drain out taking all those nasty allergens with it. Although you need a few minutes more for this remedy, you can walk around all fancy and say: “I use saline for my allergies” looking down your freshly cleared nose at everyone.

5. Take a shower you filthy animal



Once you get home, take a shower as this will help wash away any pollutants that might irritate you from outside, inside. You want your home to be your sanctuary, a very clean allergy free sanctuary. An added benefit is that the steam will help moisturize potentially dried out tissue, which can also cause irritation, and the constant flow of water will hide your puffy face!

Do you use any other type of home remedies for your allergies? Like touching a weathervane with your big toe that’s pointing North on a night with a waning moon? Then let me know in the comment section below!