5 New Jobs You Haven't Even Heard About

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I know that you might be nursing a hangover, but there is more to the New Year than smoking cheap cigars, drinking booze and burning skyscrapers…ehm I mean fireworks. Every year more and more fields of science and industry are added to the already exhaustive list of specialties available to the Working Joe. Let’s take a look into the internet’s crystal ball and see what jobs could exist in the future that you probably have never even heard of.

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An offshoot of everyone’s favorite sciences, Materials Engineering and Biology; nanobiomimetics or just plain biomimetics is the field of research that examines the natural world to find solutions to engineering problems. And the spectrum of the field is immense, creating materials as banal as Velcro (which was inspired by those annoying burs that stick to your socks) to sci-fi like aerodynamics (see the Shinkansen train’s nose that was inspired by a Kingfisher’s beak) and even medical applications inspired by parasitic worms.

Gene-Editor/ Pet Customizer/ Genome God

Why would anyone want a super-buff beagle? Well, Chinese researchers have resoundingly answered: “Because” to that question.  Scientists at Key Laboratory of Regenerative Biology have successfully managed to “snip” parts of a beagle embryo’s genome to suppress a gene that stops muscle growth. Although the Key Laboratory has no intention of selling body building beagles as pets, a rival institute in China used the “gene snipping” innovation to create mini pigs which they are selling for $1.600 as novelty pets.

Finger-print Geneticist

Why deal with a hazardous bodily fluid such as blood when you can figure out someone’s ancestry from a single ink laden finger-print? Scientists at the University of Raleigh must have asked the same question and then went to the most unlikely source of genetic information on the human body, the fingerprint to find the answer.

The scientists found that they can discern your ancestral background and even sex, from the extremely fine lines (known as minutiae) of your fingerprints.

Q-Carbon Engineer/ Q-Carbon Nano-Needle Maker

Q-Carbon is a recently invented material with some very surprising properties; most importantly it’s harder than diamonds, thus one of the most resilient materials known to man. Unlike diamonds that need immense pressure and heat to be produced q-carbon can actually be created at ambient temperatures and pressure, meaning it’s cheap and efficient to create.

The substance is also slightly magnetic and glows when exposed to even the slightest energy. These properties give it the potential for use in medical and industrial fields just to name a few.

Quantum Computer Engineer

Since computers’ inception, contemporary machines have been working (fundamentally) on a binary system: “0” for no electrical pulse and “1” for an electrical pulse. Well, that is about to change with the development of what are being called quantum computers, or computers that use quantum particles instead of transistors for computation.

This will create an entirely new form of computing that is blisteringly fast compared to transistor based machines and with it a whole new field of programming, construction and maintenance.

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Are there any other jobs that you think will exist in the future? Let us know in the comment section below.