5 Nice Celebrities That Turned Out to be Complete D*cks

In lieu of recent events, I can’t help but jump on the nice guy that really is a sexually harassing prick-bandwagon. Even though, you’ll cringe when I say it yes, I’m talking about Bill Cosby. One of the most widely loved TV dad’s who was well known for his televised lessons on morality, respect and family. He even chastised Eddie Murphy for his use of course language during his stand-up routine. I would add the video of Eddie Murphy recalling the event, but it’s just chalk full of course language. Yes, Mr. Ghost Dad himself, Mr. Jell-O, Mr. All-American Wholesome Dad has been proven to be a sexual deviant. At least he didn’t use a Pudding Pop like Clinton used his cigar or did he? Here are 5 nice guys that turned out to be complete utter and unforgivable d*cks.

1. Bill Cosby

Yes, the honorable top spot goes to Dr. Huxtable (Cosby’s character on the Cosby Show) because he just flat out broke my heart. How could the man that gave us the most wholesome father figure of the 80s, that taught us to be good to one another, the person we saw selling us pudding popsicles between our Saturday morning cartoons, be a sexual deviant? Here’s your crown you deceitful a**hole.

2. Ryan Gosling

OK, I take no joy in ruining peoples’ dreams, and I apologize for ruining most women’s dream-boat. Ryan Gosling is apparently quite a large derriere. When I say derriere, I mean a complete unremorseful ass. He often berates, ignores and even chastises his adoring fans. According to one ex-fan that just happens to also be a journalist, she was visiting a NY bar Gosling’s sister works for, when the sister offered to introduce her. They walked over, and Ryan rolled his dreamy eyes dismissively. If you are approached by him just yell: “The Notebook was sentimental mushy Oscar-bait!”

3. Katherine Heigl

This smiley rom-com actress seems bubbly and pleasant, but in actuality she could be Rosemary’s Child (for the uninitiated to classical horror movies Rosemary’s Child was the devil’s offspring). Heigel is notoriously difficult to work with, has bad-mouthed her own movies and is a rude, demanding prima donna. So next time you see the cute blonde in an all too sappy romantic comedy remember that behind the scenes, the production was a living hell for everyone except Heigel.

4. Kanye West

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my God! I can’t breathe, AHAHAHAHAHA We all know he is self-centered, conceited bastard. If you thought that he was a decent guy at any point in history, please go check yourself for brain trauma.

5. Hugh Jackman

Stop crying ladies and gentlemen I know that Jackman is considered one of Hollywood’s Mr. Nice-guys, but (and it’s a big one) he is. On this point everyone from friends, co-stars, fans and even paparazzi praises Wolverine, I mean Jackman for how unbelievably nice he is. Even his wife says he’s too nice. I know that this is a list about nice guys that turned out to be d**ks. However, honestly it’s been exhausting to rummage through page after gossipy bitchy page, I thought I’d end on a high note. To you Mr. Nice Guy Jackman!

Are there any other people that deserve a place on this list of sorrow? Feel free to add a celebrity or two in the comment section. AHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, just remembered the Kayne West thing.



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