5 Office Outfit Tips For The Fall

Now that fall is officially here (hel-lo cold weather!), it’s time to dust off those jackets, bust out your favorite tights and stock up on ultra-cute accessories. We have a feeling that at least a few of these tips will help jump-start your fall fashion brain. And don’t forget your mantra for getting dressed this season: Layer, layer, layer! 


1. Nude and black

It’s really easy to mix & match nude with any color, plus it looks great with your summer tanned skin. Whether you picked cream, apricot, beige, tan, cream pink or a caramel shade, it will be easy to pull it off. Neutral colors are great for the office. They are warming and professional.

2. Bordeaux and black

Bordeaux is the new Black, at least for Fall ’13, and is definitely a must this upcoming season. It matches well with almost every fall color, with nude, with black, with grey,... Red is not recommended for office outfits but Bordeaux is a great alternative.

3. Bordeaux bags

You can find this wine inspired hue in many shapes and styles 1. Blazers 2. Sweaters 3. Pants 4. Coats 5. Blouses 6. Hats

4. Magenta for coats and scarfs

Purple and magenta are another "must" in our fall wardrobe. Magenta is one of the most elegant colors when it comes to office outfits. It is a warm color but it will definitely help you to achieve a professional look.

5. Big scarfs

As the perfect complement: the biggy scarfs. What’s great is that you can find them in lots of different fall colors. They are the perfect complement for the cold falls and they are easy to match with all type of coats. You can even keep it on in the office and you will still look very professional.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!