5 People Who Mysteriously Vanished From Their Workplace

When people go off to work, school, or simply head out for the day, we expect them to return home at some point. However, thousands of people are reported missing each and every year, most vanishing without a trace and with no reasonable explanation. Here are five people who mysteriously vanished from their workplace.

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1. Curtis Pishon

Former police officer Curtis Pishon worked on the force in Concord, New Hampshire for ten years, before he was forced to retire when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the age of 40, he gained employment as a security guard at a manufacturing plant in Seabrook.

When Pishon arrived for the night shift at 9:30p m on July 5, 2000, those working with him had no reason to believe the shift would be any different from any other, saying he was in high spirits. However, things started to get odd when the fire department was called at 1.42 am to extinguish Pishon’s car which had caught on fire. The cause for the blaze was never determined and emergency services felt Pishon was unusually calm about it all. The firefighters left and at 3.45am one of Pishon’s co-workers noticed he was missing. The area was searched but no trace of Pishon was ever found. Those close to him have been left baffled by his disappearance, as Pishon’s multiple sclerosis meant he wouldn’t have been able to walk far on his own.

2. Lisa Geise

Employees at a picture frame company in Norcross, Georgia arrived at work on the morning of February 27, 1989 to find their building flooded. The sprinkler system which caused the flood had been set off the previous night by a fire that had started in a nearby workstation. This workstation belonged to computer programmer Lisa Geise. Geise had been working alone the previous day and now she was missing. A watery pool of blood was also found at Geise’s desk, though it was never determined if this blood belonged to Geise or not. Authorities conducted a search but never found any trace of Geise or her body. They did however find Geise’s car parked a block away, her purse on the roof of a building close by and a blood-covered doorstop in nearby woods.

3. Trevaline Evans

The year was 1990 and Trevaline Evans was the owner of a shop called Attic Antiques in Llangollen in north-east Wales. At around 12.40 pm on June 16, Evans was seen buying an apple and a banana from a nearby shop before heading back to her store. That was the last time anyone saw her.

Though a banana skin was found in the shop’s bin suggesting she might have made it back, no one actually knows what happened to her. Her car was parked nearby and her jacket and handbag had been left inside the store, which had a note on the door saying she would be back in two minutes. People have claimed to have spotted Evans in several places all over the world, including Australia, France, and in London. Her husband has since passed away without ever knowing what happened to her.

4. Suzy Lamplugh

25-year-old Suzy Lamplugh was a real estate agent working at Sturgis Estate Agents. Last seen on July 28, 1986, Lampulgh disappeared after she left to show a property to a Mr. Kipper. Lampulgh never returned, but her car was found 2.5 kilometers from the house she was meant to be showing Mr. Kipper.

People in the area have said they saw Lamplugh arguing with an unknown man that day before getting into another car. No investigation has ever found any trace of Lamplugh and she was declared deceased seven years after her disappearance. Her mother believes that the man she showed around that day was in fact convicted sex killer John Cannan, who most likely murdered her.

5. Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson was a 17-year-old employed at Northeast Texas Video in the town of Gilmer. On the night of January 5, 1992, Wilson was working at the store and allegedly went out to make a nightly deposit at the Gilmer National Bank around the corner. No one has since seen Wilson and, though a deposit was made, the grainy security camera footage means it could never be confirmed if it was made by Wilson or not.

Her car was found sitting in the video store car park with its tires slashed, her purse still inside, and her keys missing. Nearby woods were searched for hours but no trace was ever found. There have been allegations that Wilson was kidnapped by a sadistic cult and then abused, murdered, and dismembered. However, there was never enough evidence to support the allegations made against eight suspects. The case remains open but is cold.

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What exactly happened to these people seems will always be a mystery. Do you know of any other people who vanished from their workplace? Let us know in the comments section below.