5 Perks of Being a Makeup Artist You Haven’t Yet Considered

make-up artist

There’s a unique joy that comes from making others look and feel beautiful. As a makeup artist, that’s basically my job description, but that feel good sensation isn’t the only perk of being a makeup artist. There are plenty of other bonuses that come along with this career, including meeting tons of new people, being your own boss and doing what you love.

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1. Diverse clientele

Whether it’s glamorous celebrities or whoever happens to walk into your salon, as a makeup artist you’re bound to meet a lot of interesting people – different lives, different stories and different faces. With a career in makeup you’ll never be bored! A diverse clientele means you can put your people skills as well as your makeup skills to good use. Figuring out which shade of lipstick goes best with which skin tone will be a daily adventure for you. And while you figure it out, you can get to know your client and build your network with new contacts.

2. Be your own boss

With a formal education in the art of beauty, you’ll be qualified to run your own business! A licensed cosmetologist is free to practice wherever and whenever they please. Beauty schools such as Marinello provide beauty training as well business training. You’ll learn how to manage a salon and employees as well as how to balance accounts. With an education like that, a makeup artist career gives you the freedom to be your own boss, fix up your own clients and manage your own schedule. Your life will only be as hectic you’d like it to be!

3. Always learning

Make no mistake, the life of a makeup artist is spent mostly on your feet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Just like a painter, a makeup artist has no limits when it comes to experimenting. You’ll never know all there is to know about makeup because there’s always something new to learn. Techniques to make it last all day, new brushes to get used to, new products to play around with, and new people to practice on. Makeup artists need to know more than just how to apply makeup. What light is being used at the photo shoot? What outfits are the models wearing? Will the makeup stay put for eight hours? There are endless little tricks and techniques that the pros use to make their work look good and stay put in any situation – you’ll need to find some that work for you.

4. You make what you deserve

Unless you’re a pro like Pat McGrath, a lot of your income is going to come from tips. Since you’re your own boss, you won’t be complaining about how underpaid you are. Your income will reflect the quality of your work – so if you’re a marvel with a makeup brush, you’ll earn your worth. People will be more than glad to pay for good quality, especially if it comes with a good attitude.

5. Endless opportunities

A career as a makeup artist isn’t just limited to working in a salon. There are plenty of things you can do with a cosmetology license like:

  • Doing makeup for TV shows and feature films
  • Becoming a theater beauty artist
  • Working with models for fashion shows
  • Working with brides for wedding events
  • Becoming a beauty consultant for magazines
  • Working for cosmetics companies
  • Working on photo shoots with photographers and models
  • Traveling with a makeup artist team for fashion shows or shoots
  • Endorsing makeup companies (and getting discounts on products!)

The opportunities are truly endless; you just have to be creative enough and willing to put in some hard work.

So, is a career as a makeup artist for you? It’s an exciting job with enough perks to ensure you never get bored of doing what you do. Whether it’s meeting new clients or travelling to Milan for Fashion Week – a makeup artist’s life is full of opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.