5 Pinterest Tools for Marketers and Bloggers

Although it is not as popular as the giants Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest remains a valuable tool for any marketer who wants to reach a large audience. Since it is an image based network, it can be especially effective for industries such as fashion, food, travel, arts and crafts and photography. Pinning your content can help attract traffic to your site for a long time and keep your visitors engaged.

Pinterest Tools For Marketers and Bloggers:

1. Viralwoot

This is a free tool that allows you to generate more views for your pins and Pinterest profile. You can earn points (seeds) by re-pinning other people’s pins or following other users. After some time, you can use your seeds to generate more followers for yourself. Viralwoot also allows you to schedule pins for the future. Spacing out your pins properly is a great way of enhancing their visibility. This plugin also lets you manage multiple accounts and create alerts to know when someone has pinned your content.

2. PinGroupie

One of the best ways of attracting more followers and getting more views for your pins is by participating in group boards. However, locating a group board covering a relevant topic can be a very arduous task. PinGroupie is a plugin that comes with a directory of group boards. It allows you to see the different categories, number of followers and number of pins. This makes it easier to find group boards on your topic.

3. Share As Image

If you want to create visually appealing pins, you will love Share As Image. It allows you to import images from Flickr or Facebook, or simply use images from a website. You can choose from more than 30 fonts, as well as enhance your images using filters. When you sign up for a Pro account, you will gain access to premium patterns and photos. In addition, you will also be able to create branded images.

4. Tailwind

This is a tool that can help Pinterest users marketing and analytics analysis. Tailwind can help you track conversations about your brand, discover trends, identify influential users and curate content for your followers. When it comes to analytics, you can track the growth of your likes, comments, repins and followers. In addition, you can analyze traffic and revenue, as well as benchmark against your competitors. You can choose between free plans with limited features, and premium plans.

5. Piqora

Piqora can not only be used for Pinterest, but also for Instagram and Tumblr. Just like Tailwind, Piqora allows you to find influencers, identify trending content, track ROI and benchmark against your competitors. However, one of its unique features is the ability to manage sweepstakes, contests and promotions. You can build landing pages for your contests and have them embedded on Facebook.

Using the tools above will greatly enhance your success with Pinterest. Compare the options and choose what best suits your needs.

Do you use Pinterest to in your Social Media Marketing strategy? How effective has it been? Do you use any of these tools or think any of them would help you? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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