5 Popular Culture Icons You Wouldn’t Want To Work With

lady gaga

If you spend an extended amount of time with anyone within the confines of a certain space there is bound to be, well let’s say friction. The way they tap their toe, how they pound on their keyboard like it has stolen their girlfriend, the way they whistle while they work (those dwarves are the worse). Everyday-Stan though would be a god-sent alternative to what you would have to handle with a larger than life celebrity sat in the cubicle next to you.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most popular culture icons and why you wouldn’t want to work with them...

1. Lady Gaga

Think about sitting in a nice quiet office, sipping your coffee and chipping away at the day’s tasks, when suddenly a sound like a thousand ping-pong balls in a washing machine with chains and marbles disrupts your concentration. She bursts through the door with smoke and fireworks shooting out from her bra, introduces herself as Mother Monster through a megaphone and sits down to get to work. After the smoke and sparks have died down the bubbles on her costumer click and clack with every movement and keystroke she makes, and don’t even get me started on the glitter. You will find it on your desk, the water cooler, door knobs, you will find it on your clothes when you get home. Glitter is one of the most evil craft supplies in the world: once it sticks it never stops spreading.

2. Taylor Swift

Yes, she might be as cute as a button but she is way too perky. Your office space would be converted to a sing-a-long circle with cupcake making workshops during your lunch break. High pitched squeals (that should be illegal for anyone but girls that are under fifteen years of age) would ring out every time she succeeded in doing anything. Make sure you have your friendship bracelet making yarn close because by-gosh you’ll be making those suckers when you have some off time.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio

Before you run off to grab pitchforks and torches as you scream: “WORKING WITH LEO WOULD BE GREAT”, hear me out. Leonardo Di Caprio is known as a very intense, hyper-professional, perfectionist that actually had O.C.D. Now imagine having to deal with such a highly demanding individual; the man is so dedicated to impeccable performance that during the film “Django Unchained” he slammed down his hand during a heated scene smashing into a crystal glass, cutting his hand and then proceeded, while in character, to smear his own real blood across his co-stars face while a grimace of terror expressed more than any screams of terror could. Would you want to be on the receiving end of that?

3. Morgan Freeman

First off nothing would ever get anything done if Morgan Freeman worked with you because you would want him to narrate the minutest of tasks in his velvety booming voice. His voice is so smooth its like silk dipped in a twelve year coñac. As he sat down on his black leather chair the cushion made a noise not unlike slight flatulence that reminded me of when I was just a young boy in Georgia.

5. Hugh Jackman

Sure he seems like a guy’s guy, he’s from Australia so you know that he’ll even like the odd can of Fosters after work, but something broke inside me when I saw Wolverine singing in Les Miserable with a sloppily shaved head. At this point I am actually afraid that he might break into spontaneous song at any given moment. Could you go to work with that looming fear hanging over your head?

Which popular icons could you see being a serious hassle to work with? Add them in the comments section below!




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