5 Psychological Sales Tactics That Guarantee Success

Are you getting frustrated by disappointing sales? Do you sometimes wish you were as successful as that colleague of yours? Make sure you read every word of this article, because you’re in for a treat.

Why are these tactics so effective, you might wonder? There’s one simple reason. These suggestions are all part of neuro-linguistic programming, which delves into the workings of the human mind. Not only will these tactics get you get a better understanding of human behaviour but you’ll know how to effectively close the deal.

Embedded Commands

One sure-fire way to successfully persuade prospects is to subtly include a command within a normal sentence. During an actual offline sale, you’d lower your voice to speak the command part to emphasize on it. Naturally, the online world requires another method. Think of using quotation marks, boldface, italics or underlining to get your message across. What happens is this; the reader feels forced to listen to the command on a sub-conscious level.

If you read the first paragraph, you can find an example of how this tactic can be applied in writing copy.


Another interesting device in persuasion is the use of presuppositions. If you use this properly in your questions, the customer will feel compelled to answer even when parts of the question are strictly hypothetical. The brain can only work on one solution at the time which is why this method is effective in creating desire.

A good example of this would be: ''what will you do with the $5.000 bonus we will pay you next month?'' This is just one way to persuade a prospect to do something you’d like them to do. By playing with attractive scenarios, you will compel readers to take action.

Linguistic Binds

A linguistic bind consists of two separate parts; the first part describes something obvious whereas the second part describes the task that you require your readers to fulfill. For example: ''As you are reading this from your computer, you realize that this language course is just what you’re looking for.''

Although logic has little to do with it, proper implementation will likely cause your readers to agree with anything you say.


A successful salesman will make the best out of every situation. Reframing is one useful method here that you should use when the need arises. It becomes your job to turn every potential shortcoming your product or service might have into something positive.

Reframing can be especially practical in the pricing process. When you start explaining how much your services would cost elsewhere, the final price will surely seem lower than expected. Timing is everything here. If you mention prices too early, this could prove to be an obstacle in closing the sale.

The appearance of consistency

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People have a strong tendency to stay true to themselves at all times. And yes, this can also be used to your advantage. All you need is to create a fascinating question to which the prospect can only concur and combine this with your own objective. For instance: ''If I could teach you how to make $200 a day working only 9 to 1 within two weeks, would you sign up for my online class that’s planned on Saturday?'' Granted, the offer will not be free but you could have persuaded the prospect to proceed.

Which tactics do you use to clinch the sale? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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