5 Psychology Tricks To Boost Your Business Success


Social psychology can be applied not only to help you trick people to get exactly what you want, or to win negotiations , but also to boost your business. In reality, the power of psychology lies behind almost all aspects of career and business, and the reason for it is simple: psychology is behind every human creation, and business is no exception. After all, all communication that occurs in business happens between people, regardless if they are your partners, customers, subordinates, or superordinates, and all people are guided by certain psychological principles, whether they are aware of it or not. The more you understand how human behavior functions, the more you will know how to give to people exactly what they want. So, let’s review some social psychology concepts that could help boost your business success.

#1 Reciprocity

The norm of reciprocity refers to the expectation that people will respond favorably to each other by returning benefits for benefits, and responding with hostility to harms. This means that if you do something nice for your customers, they will feel obliged to do something nice for you too. Or to put it in more practical terms, if you offer your customers a real and genuine incentive, they will feel positive towards you and will then be more likely to become your loyal customers. If you trick them in any way, then you can expect them not only to never return to you, but also to spread negative comments about your business.

#2 Reliability

The concept of reliability simply means that people prefer information that comes from reliable and trusted sources. If your brand relies on a source of this kind, then people will trust it and you will have them as customers forever. A useful tip is to always link your product to a source of weight and authority.  This can be achieved by providing information from experts that talk about your business.  They can be either linked to science and research, or can be well-known and respected figures.

#3 Social proof

Also known as ‘informational social influence’, this concept refers to the idea that people assume the actions of others when uncertain on how they should behave. It relies on the principle “If other people are doing something, it must be ok for me to do it too” and “If other people are refraining from doing something, then it is probably not a good idea for me to do it".  In practical terms, this means people that will value your product more if the product has already been shared and enjoyed by a group of people they trust. Thus, you should pay attention to include sharing and follow buttons on your site. The more people like your product, the more it is likely that others will like it too.

#4 Affability

This concept is rather simple: If people feel positive towards other people, they are more likely to like them and help them. This translates to still another simple idea: If your customers or potential business partners have a positive attitude towards you, they will be more likely to buy from you or to enter in business with you. You can achieve the impression of affability by generating a sense of a good-natured, cool, reliable, and positive company. Research shows that people perceive companies as having personalities, and thus you must consider whether your business seems to be perceived as having positive traits.

#5 Visibility

Generally, people prefer things with a high degree of visibility. The degree to which your business is visible will directly relate to how much your product will be liked and how much you will profit. As a simple tip, try to advertise your product via various platforms, including social networks, communities, and physical spaces. If your product is often seen, people will trust it. They will have positive attitudes towards it, and this will help your sales.

These five principles are the cornerstone of social psychology. Everybody knows that minds function in a similar way, regardless of who embodies them. And everybody follows these ‘psychological rules’. If you acknowledge them and implement them further, you will be relying on psychology to help boost your business. You will be successful and your customers will be happy.