5 Reasons for Becoming a Toastmaster

If you’re a sociable person, who enjoys being the centre of attention, enjoys organising events and also the company of people then there’s you may make an excellent toastmaster.

Being a toastmaster or master of ceremonies is a sure fire and fantastic way to utilise all of those aforementioned strengths and do so in a manner that’s not just fun, but also exciting. Funnily becoming a toastmaster is not something that many people actually consider, however it’s lucrative, interesting and you work with people who are generally very happy at that time – to many this may sound like the perfect career.

How to Become a Toastmaster

Generally, becoming a toastmaster will involve you shadowing an experienced toastmaster to a few events. This will give you a feel for the job and allows them to explain the nuances of the work.

If you decide to proceed then you will need to take a course from the Toastmasters International. These courses tend to take 5 days of training, with exams and evaluations at the end, however this will qualify you for the role.

These courses develop your ability to speak, improve your leadership skills and introduce you to the requirements that you will need to be a great toastmaster. In addition, skills related to timekeeping, grammar and parliamentary procedure will also be covered. This is all usually completed in a workshop based environment and will utilise a feedback process.

Why Become a Toastmaster?


Toastmastering is a very flexible job and people can work as a toastmaster outside of their normal work hours or at the weekends. This flexibility means that it is a great way for people to earn a little extra money besides their weekly day job earnings. It’s also fantastic for those that want something to do when they retire and many people learn the expertise beforehand as it’s both an interest and supplementary income.

Happiest Days of their Lives

Toastmasters do a lot of corporate work, that’s certainly true. However, a lot of the occasions that they find themselves working in are celebrations. Needless to say there is often stress around the organisation of these sorts of events, however in the most part they’re joyous occasions that toastmasters can be part of. Many also take place in luxurious and fabulous surroundings – which could also be considered a perk of the job.

As a toastmaster, you get to make people happy, help them through these good times and they fondly recall you afterwards as the person that was there on such a great day.


Toastmasters get to take centre stage. Even though there are people there that are obviously far more important and integral, toastmasters get to introduce, say a few kind words and generally have a pleasant time involved in whatever task they are hired for. Master of ceremonies should be people’s people so to speak as the job is truly people centric.


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If you have a penchant for organisation and problem solving then being a toastmaster may be ideal. Even though a lot of people would look at a toastmaster as a jovial sort who just moves people from room to room, there is often a lot of forethought in the process. Ideally, you need to be able to plan and organise and be the sort of person who can keep time, organise a crowd and also use group psychology to encourage smooth running of an occasion. It will also involve you liaising with other vendors and ensuring that they are also organised and understand what’s going on.

Pomp and Posh

If you love the idea of a little bit of pomp and enjoy dressing up in a costume that’s got a lot of historical significant, then it’s an ideal profession. A toastmaster’s suit is almost as loud as they tend to be.

Of course, if you’re the sort of person who prefers the quiet life and would rather participate quietly, then a different path may be more suitable. That said, if the above sounds like you, then being a toastmaster could be a fabulous career.


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