5 Reasons to Commute to Work

girl on bike

Travelling long distances to work is often perceived in a negative light however there are in fact a number of reasons why people choose to commute. Commuting shouldn’t always be viewed negatively as it offers individuals a number of benefits. Below is a list of some of the many benefits of commuting to work:


Many people enjoy their commute to work as it gives them the opportunity to catch up on work-related tasks, read a book, listen to a new album or simply rest and relax. If you commute to work you should use the free time to your advantage and not view it as wasted time continually travelling back and forth. Many commuters view the journey home as an opportunity to switch off from work and forget about the day behind them.

Housing costs

You don’t necessarily have to move to a big, expensive city if you are willing to commute. If you have found employment in a busy area but do not wish to reside there, consider buying a house outside of the catchment area. This will enable you to purchase a house at a lower cost and away from the congestion of city life. This will also mean that your salary will go much further each month.


Commuting to work can provide you with better job prospects. If you are willing to travel a little further to get to work, you are expanding your job options. If you have commuted previously, recruiters will view this positively when reviewing your CV, as they will have fewer reservations towards hiring you.

Getting fit

A commute to work can be the perfect opportunity to get some exercise. You can use commuting in your favor by cycling or walking some of the way. For example if you take the train to work you could walk or cycle to the station. Taking the train also enables you to walk to the office upon your arrival at the train station.