5 Reasons to Connect With an Accountability Partner at Work

Accountability partners are not solely reserved for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you are employed and want to succeed in your profession, it would be wise for you to find a trusted accountability partner for your own personal and professional growth and development. There are a wide variety of benefits for working with an accountability partner. This article will address five of those reasons and why this accountability partner can help you succeed in the workplace.

1. Accountability Factor

The main reason why you should work with an accountability partner to succeed at work is so that you have someone trusted to be accountable to. This partner can offer you the opportunity to share your professional goals and dreams for your future career prospects. When you can align yourself with a trusted individual who completely understands your current career field, you open up a wide variety of opportunities for professional growth and development. Additionally, you will have the chance to reciprocate with this colleague and provide them with a trusted accountability partner. It can be an effective symbiotic relationship when utilized in the correct manner—through constructive criticism and informed advice.

2. Increased Productivity

A second reason why an accountability partner at work can help you perform to your optimal ability is because you’ll be able to cultivate increased productivity. Since this partner knows what your specific career goals are, he or she will be able to hold you accountable toward accomplishing them. This specific factor will definitely increase your productivity level because not only are you responsible to your boss—you’re also accountable (by your own decision) to this accountability partner. That will make all the difference in the world in helping you to become more efficient in the workplace.

3. Amplified Motivation

If you want to succeed in the workplace, working with an accountability partner can help you to find renewed motivation each day to continue to work diligently toward success. If you begin to feel unmotivated with coming to work each day, you have an excellent source to turn to for positive advice—rather than complaining to fellow coworkers or friends who commiserate with you. During this time when you’re unmotivated, you need an extra push forward rather than pity and someone to complain to.

4. Creativity Cultivation

This accountability partner will be able to help you continue to cultivate creativity as it pertains to your current job and the development of your professional skills. You may become stunted and need a refresher of creativity and this individual can become your let’s think outside the box person. We all experience brain freeze at times and need to be rebooted in order to effectively brainstorm and achieve success.

5. Sharing Achievements

The final reason that you should connect with an accountability partner in the workplace is so that you have a like-minded individual to share your achievements with. Of course, you will share these successes with friends and family. However, it is extremely helpful to your professional development if you have someone, who completely understands your journey, to share your accomplishments with. This person has been with you during the journey so he or she knows the struggles, risks and joys of the process.

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Have you worked with an accountability partner in the workplace? Do you think it would be beneficial to your professional growth if you began working with one? Let us know in the comments section below.