5 Reasons to Have a Professional Email Signature


Email may be steadily standing aside for social media, but the chances are you still send a lot of emails each day. Most companies are the same. A professional email signature should be a part of any standard email protocol. If you aren’t convinced of the value of a professional signature, read on. We’re going to show you some of the facts that prove having a signature for your company is important.

#1 Email Signatures are Legally Binding

Courts in the US ruled that the disclaimers at the bottom of emails are actually legally binding. With so many people attempting to make a quick buck in this day and age, an email signature isn’t just a promotional item. It’s essential to protect your company against greed and opportunism.

#2 Half of all Professionals Use Email Signatures

This fact alone should convince you to pick up an email signature. When half of all professionals use something, it becomes an expectation on the part of clients. They may not pay much attention to email signatures, but when a business is missing a signature it stands out for all the wrong reasons. You should see having an email signature as part of the general protocol of communicating with customers.

#3 75% of Signatures Use Real Contact Information

What this fact tells us is that companies are making more of an effort to appear as ‘real’ to their customers. They’re demonstrating this aspect of trust immediately, as opposed to sending customers to their websites to discover things like names, addresses, and phone numbers. It’s also about convenience. Now you don’t have to send customers on a roundabout trip to acquire this information.

#4 Only 7.2% of Signatures Contain Twitter

You may think this fact about signatures demonstrate that Twitter and other social media accounts are unwanted here. This is not the case. What people fail to realise is that social media is ‘the’ in thing for absolutely any company in any industry. It’s the most influential factor when it comes to SEO. Rather than targeting rankings directly, companies are urged to gain traction on social media instead.

What this shows is that an email signature represents an opportunity. The lack of social media information should show that you’ve found a gap in the market. Everyone is on social media these days, so it shouldn’t be seen as unprofessional, like it would have been five years ago.

#5 Personal Signatures Boost Open Rates by 500%

It sounds impossible, but it’s true. Email signatures personalised to have the user’s name, or other relevant information increases open rates by 500%. On a side note, the click-through rate goes up by 350%. This is because you’re filling your emails with useful information. Despite the fact, most signatures are automated, customers feel as if they’re being treated like valued people, as opposed to an email on a mass marketing list.

So what should you personalise signatures with?

Try to have multiple signatures to target certain markets. If you have multiple branches of your company, change the links in the signature and make sure this signature is only generated when targeting specific email groups. This makes sure information isn’t generalised, and you don’t send anything irrelevant to your list. Most email list programmes have tools that make it easy to segregate email groups.

Overall, email signatures are an essential part of your company. Get it right, and you’ll see your emails having far more success. Either way, not having an email signature is only going to draw lots of unnecessary attention. It doesn’t have to be complex and it doesn’t require a lot of thought. Add a signature that suits your company and reap the rewards!