5 Reasons to Leave Your Desk at Lunch

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What’s your daily lunch routine like? Do you usually go out for lunch or prefer to stay in? Most hard-working professionals prefer to spend lunch time at their desks so that they can be more productive and finish their work. But, this is usually counterproductive. In fact, many studies have shown that having your lunch at your desk can have negatives effects on your mood, effectiveness and job performance.

If you feel that you can’t find half an hour to enjoy your lunch, just take a minute read this article and discover why it is crucial not to eat your lunch at your desk.

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1. You Will Enjoy Your Lunch

Spending your lunch break away from your desk will allow you to enjoy your food more. It will help you get away from your work routine, de-stress for a while and pay more attention to what you are doing at that moment. It will also help you be more mindful of your eating habits and make you a more healthy eater. When you are just focusing on eating your lunch, it’s easier for you to realise when you are full and not eat more than your need to.

2. You Will Be More Creative

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Many theories on the way the human brain is wired prove that you can only focus on a particular task for more than 90 to 120 minutes before you need to take a break. This means that not taking a break when you need it can result in a lack of creativity and decreased performance. Learning how your brain works will help your performance by keeping you creative and productive throughout the day.

3. You Will Improve Your Work Relationships

Whether you are going out for lunch with your colleagues or meeting them in the lunch room, stepping away from your desk will allow you to spend more time with them and improve your existing work relationships. Maintaining healthy relationships with your coworkers is essential as it will help you work more effectively as a team and increase your overall job satisfaction. So, use your lunch time wisely and work on getting to know the people you see every day.

4. You Need a Break

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There is a reason you are allowed to have a break during your eight-hour shift. Apart from the fact that you need some fresh air, you really can’t stay in one place for long. Studies have found that sitting for extended periods of time is considered to be unhealthy. Your body needs to move and that’s why most productivity experts suggest that you can make good use of your lunch time by getting away from the office for a change and taking a walk around the block.

5. You Don’t Have to Multitask

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Most people believe that multitasking is useful, but that’s not always the case. Most studies have actually found that multitasking makes you less productive and can even damage your brain. For example, Stanford researchers found that doing more than one thing at a time stops you from giving enough attention to each task. As such eating your lunch and working at the same time could mean that you won’t be as focused as you need to be on your job and the quality of your work will suffer.

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As you can see, there are many benefits to leaving your desk during lunchtime. Apart from the fact that you will give your mind a chance to unwind, you will also be able to enjoy your lunch without sabotaging your work.

So what’s your view on the matter? Do you think that you should leave your desk at lunch or not? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below…