5 Reasons to NEVER Underestimate the Social Media Crowd


If you’ve had your head in the sand when it comes to social media and the social media crowd, it’s high time you pulled it out. You’re not only missing out on a marketing opportunity by ignoring it -- you’re also leaving your online reputation in someone else’s hands. If you’ve been underestimating the social media crowd, here’s why you have to stop.

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1. People are Married to Their Smartphones

In short, social media is here to stay -- and in 2015 and beyond, it’s a position that most large and small companies have hired staff for. People spend nearly all of their waking hours near their smart phones... checking into social media sites, seeing what friends are doing -- and yes, also reading what their friends have to say about your business, so it makes sense. Those same people may spend an hour or two watching TV and thus viewing commercials, but they’ll have their mobile phones in tow nearly 22 hours a day. What’s more, about 80 percent of the people studied in an IDC Research report said that checking their smartphone -- and its social sites -- was the first thing they did when they woke up.

2. Your Reputation Will Suffer

When stories go viral, EVERYONE listens. If you’re not paying attention to the social crowd, you may miss that positive news story about your business. Even worse, you may miss a negative story and thus miss out on a chance to respond.

3. Social Media Brings in New Customers

With the right social media listening tools, you’ll get a chance to find out when people are talking about your business -- and that in turn will help you target potential customers at the moment they’re thinking about your business or your products and services. That’s called being in the right place at the right time, and it can help you bring in customers you would never have dreamed of bringing in when you only had a brick-and-mortar business.

4. The Social Media Crowd Can Research Your Business Extensively

People who are savvy in social media know how to research reviews, listings, maps, and other data about your business -- data they use to assess whether or not to patronize your business. If you’re not on top of that information too, you could miss out on valuable information that could help you improve your offerings.

5. You’ll look like a Dinosaur

In short, if your business is not on board with social media, you’re going to rival a Tyrannosaurus Rex in terms of current affairs and business savviness. You can’t afford not to have a presence and to manage your social media traffic -- because if you don’t, someone else certainly will.

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If you’ve been underestimating the social media crowd when it comes to your business, take steps to stop it now. If you’re in the dark about where to start, hire a social media consultant to get you started, or better yet, hire a staffer to handle this important part of marketing for your business. And welcome to the 21st Century!

Have you been neglecting the social media crowd in your marketing strategy? Has it had a detrimental effect on your business? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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