5 Reasons to Start a Company Blog

With most markets and businesses having some variation of presence online, blogs have become one of the most popular ways to communicate and interact with communities of all types. Retailers, design firms, law firms… you name it and it probably has a blog. But why?

#1 Blogs force you to keep up with industry trends

Writing and maintaining a blog can help professionals get into the habit of keeping up to date with their industries. Becoming an authoritative figure on the internet means keeping up with trends and sharing new information with an audience. The faster you can get out news and information, the better.

#2 Blogs can make professionals better teachers

Explaining concepts and ideas to a consumer can mean altering language to make the concept more clear—not necessarily an easy task, especially for those of us who aren’t terribly experienced in guiding or teaching others. However, by practicing with a company blog, professionals can explore new language and methods for communicating information to those who may only be familiar with layman’s terms.

#3 Blogs make a company more human and relatable

Nothing feels worse to a consumer than the illusion they’re talking to a robot. How frustrated do you get when you call in for customer service only to deal with an automated system that doesn’t necessarily work well?

This feeling of impersonal communication can be alleviated by reminding consumers that humans run your company. Your community manager should make the company blog professional and authoritative while still making it personal and relatable. By doing this, your community now has a real person to interact with, making your company seem more personable and genuine.

#4 Blog posts are easy to share

If your company is looking to broaden or shape its online following through tools like social media, blog posts are an excellent way to do that.

Tweets and status updates in and of themselves can be less than effective, especially if done improperly. However, tweeting out an engaging headline with a blog post attached can really draw in more readers, and ultimately, more consumers.

#5 Blogs share news and information more quickly and effectively than press releases

Many companies are still sticking with the tried and true press release to share news with their consumers—but let’s face it, print is a dying medium. This point does tie in with making news and information more personable in that when a company writes a blog post delivering news or information from the source, they can create a more genuine and relatable voice on the web.

Blog posts are an easy and quick way to share new information with consumers or readers; plus, they’re simple to attach to email blasts or newsletters.

There’s very little reason to not start a company blog. They allow companies to meet with their consumers on a personal level that makes the communication seem more genuine. Company blogs are great for sharing on social media and through email newsletters. Plus, depending on the platform, most basic blog services are completely free.


Creative Commons licensed (BY-NC) flickr photo by ZERGE_VIOLATOR.




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