5 Reasons Why a Complainer is an Unattractive Person

No one enjoys spending time with a complainer unless they also continually complain and live by the adage that misery loves company. Complaining in your personal life can alienate people who are close to you. When you constantly complain in the workplace, you run the risk of cultivating a negative atmosphere and becoming toxic to your coworkers. There are several reasons why complaining makes an individual an unattractive person. Take a look at the following 5 reasons why you shouldn’t constantly complain.

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1. Unhealthy Appearance

Our health is directly related to our environments and how we treat our bodies. Complaining is not healthy for proper brain functioning because when we complain, stress hormones are released by our brains. Those stress hormones then negatively impact neural connections in our brains that are supposed to be working properly to help us solve problems and maintain effective cognitive functioning. Martin Seligman is a psychologist who completed innovative research that demonstrates how a positive outlook (rather than constantly being pessimistic and complaining) has many advantages for you. Two of those benefits include living a longer life and being healthier. When you’re healthy, you tend to have a healthy glow and positive mindset, and that makes you a more attractive person.

2. Cultivates Depression

If you constantly complain, you set yourself up for failure and a toxic cycle of continually cultivating depression. A person who is stuck in depression is not an attractive individual. We’re not necessarily speaking solely about outward appearances. A good portion of what makes a person attractive is the inside shining out. If your perspective is one that thrives on complaining and makes you more depressed because of your circumstances, you will be sending out negative signals to those around you. Most mentally healthy individuals do not want to be around a constant complainer. That type of behavior is simply not attractive.

3. Creativity Destroyer

When someone is creative and able to think outside the box while trying to solve issues and make positive changes in their life and at work, they are an attractive person. People simply want to be around them and are attracted to their innovative spirit and ability to create new ideas. On the contrary, if you are constantly complaining, you will hinder any creative spark from flourishing. No one wants to be around someone who doesn’t have hope for the future and thinks everything is going wrong all the time.

4. Ineffective Performance

Complainers cannot see beyond the problems to probable solutions. They always focus on the negative problems and this freezes them into inactivity. When they are inactive and unable to properly function in the workplace, they won’t achieve success as easily as people with positive perspectives can. This may breed a negative cycle of them complaining about their failures and how they are never going to make anything of themselves. This toxic cycle cannot be broken unless these complainers learn how to take ownership of their mental outlook and realize how unattractive their behavior is.

5. Unhealthy Relationships

As mentioned in the introduction, misery loves company and negative people generally flock together to commiserate about their awful circumstances and how life sucks. These relationships are unhealthy because they continue to breed negativity and don’t allow these individuals to have an opportunity to grow and develop as a positive person. Complainers push positive people away without even trying because the latter do not want to hang out for any length of time with negative people.

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Are you a complainer or someone who likes to see the silver lining in your circumstances? What bothers you the most about people who constantly complain?