5 Reasons Why Inexperienced Graduates Fail to Make Enough Money from Call Center Jobs

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of debate about how difficult it is to make money from a call center job. Various inexperienced graduates consider this job a quick way to make money. It is not easy to become a successful call center agent. You certainly need sufficient experience and active personality to get success. This is what many of us lack. Let us explore the insight reasons.

Reason#1 Lack of Understanding

Let us firstly understand the situation of this job market. Almost all countries are flooded with call centers. There is a firm balance between onshore and offshore call centers, which enhances jobs in all regions. Unfortunately the inexperienced graduates fail to understand the nature of the job. They even don’t know what is going on in this industry. Before you start the job, you firstly need to understand whether you are ready for the job or not.

Reason#2 Frustrating Working Hours

Call center jobs can be very frustrating and tiring. If you feel you cannot cope with the stress and odd working hours, stay away from call centers. You will just waste your time and energy and won’t be satisfied with your own work. The working hours usually start from 6 pm and last till 6 am. This clearly means you have to tolerate long working hours and night shifts.

Reason#3 Picking the Wrong Department

Before you start the job, select a role that best suits your skills. The major departments in a call center job are sales, collection, billing, retention, customer support, semi-technical support, front desk manager and technical programmer. Choose the type of department you are comfortable with. Many inexperienced graduates don’t even know what will be the best career option for them, as a result they end up suffering in this job.

Reason#4 Too Much Salary Expectations

You should not simply go into the sales department just because the pay is high. You might end up earning much money, but this won’t last permanently. Much part of your salary is based on your performance. It means if you don’t manage to sell enough, you won’t make enough from the job.

Reason#5 Working for the Wrong Company

Once you have decided to work as a sales agent at call center, you shouldn’t go with the big names. Look for companies that have a positive review from their staff. Seek the services of the job counselors for a better option. Each company has its own perks and benefits such as insurance, tuition fee assistance, medical insurance, retirement options and bonuses. Unfortunately many graduates have not substantial information about this industry. They just apply for any position, thinking that this will satisfy their needs. The selection of wrong company is one of the major reasons of failure to make enough money.

Convert Failure to Success:

When applying for call center job, keep in mind the following things to convert your failure into success.

  1.  Ready to join: Companies love candidates who can start soon.

2. Documents: Call centers usually have a thorough background check. They will keep your original documents once you’re hired. So don’t forget to carry the original certificates and degrees along with their photocopies at the time of interview.

3. Resume: Your resume should have all the relevant information about your education and prior experience (if any). The inexperienced graduates will be asked to undertake a three months training program before they are hired.

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CV Writing Services

4. Honesty: Be honest for your job. If you lack the sufficient experience then let the recruiter know about it. Don’t feel shy to join the training program for a better career as a call center agent.

Once you have decided that a call center’s job is your destination then the next step is to apply for a job and go to the interview with full confidence. Don’t hesitate to take the three months’ training before joining to get lots of success in this job.

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