5 Reasons Why Self-Employment Will Impress Employers

Whether it’s freelance writing or operating your own web design business, self-employment has its perks. You get to be your own boss and can even work in your pajamas if you choose to. However, if the lack of job benefits and isolation from working by yourself are getting to you, it isn’t a bad idea to apply for a standard 9 to 5 gig. Being self-employed may actually give you a leg up over other job candidates. Here are five reasons why self-employment will impress employers.

You’re Seen as a Self-Starter

If an employer finds out that you have worked for yourself, he will see you as a self-starter who doesn’t need pushing. You didn’t have a boss breathing down your neck, but you still managed to get your work done on time and please clients. Employers are always looking for team members who are highly motivated and don’t need a lot of pushing to get the job done.

You Have No Problems Meeting Deadlines

Companies need employees who take deadlines seriously and don’t make excuses. That is why a lot of employers will see self-employed individuals in a positive light. As a self-employed person, you have probably dealt with very strict deadlines and clients who demand their work completed exactly on time. If you start working in an office environment, you will not need your boss to remind you that you have a project due the next day.

You Are a Problem Solver

When you were self-employed, you probably improved your problem solving skills. If something went wrong with a client, you didn’t have a boss to bail you out. You had to figure the solution out yourself, right? When an employer finds out that you were able to effectively solve problems while self-employed, you will be a much more attractive candidate. Bosses don’t like their employees running to them with every little problem. They want people who can think of ways to solve problems themselves.

You Have Great Marketing Skills

Running your own business can help you develop superb marketing skills. After all, if you want to retain clients, you have to know how to market your services. An employer will definitely be interested in a job candidate with excellent marketing skills, especially if he is hiring for a sales or marketing position. During an interview with a potential employer, be sure to talk about the things you did to market your business. For example, if you were a freelance writer, you could tell him how you set up your own blog online and shared and networked through social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

You Have Organizational Skills

Self-employment requires excellent organizational skills. You have to keep track of so many things including client invoices, projects and tax forms. Being self-employed also means you have to be organized with your time; otherwise, it would be difficult to make a full-time income. Employers appreciate candidates with organizational skills because they can keep track of important documents and are not all over the place.

During your job interviews, be sure to highlight these skills because they can help you get your foot in the door. Has your self – employment helped you when applying for another position? Your thoughts and comments below please…


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