5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Overqualified Candidates

Certain companies seem to gloss over resumes of job applicants who they term as ‘overqualified’. It has become standard opinion to think that hiring such persons will lead other employees to be intimidated by their presence and simply quit. But so far there has been no data to prove such assumption. Actually resenting overqualified candidates could mean you are missing out on some of the best workers out there.

Studies have proven that overqualified candidates when hired are better performers and are more productive than the average employees. They do not get less motivated or get bored as many assume, rather they have high job satisfaction, and are more focused on the job rather than the paycheck.

Here are five reasons why you should recruit an overqualified candidate.

#1 A strong desire to work

Many highly qualified candidates have been let go from organizations in recent years which only bolsters their desire to work as they now have a point to prove when a new opportunity arises. When a candidate knows that he is highly qualified, he understands that locally there may be limited opportunities for him or her. Under this notion, highly qualified candidates are willing to work below their experience level. When an overqualified candidate is hired he wants to prove to his employer that he has made the right decision.

#2 They provide value even in the short term

Many employers believe overqualified candidates are bound to leave early. But you should evaluate the benefit of their short term stay and know they could have more input to your business or company over a mediocre hire who stays for over five years. Instead of dreading the idea of their short term stay you should do well to tap from their ideas, experience and skills. Overqualified candidates will make a positive impact on the business in general even when they stay for a short term.

#3 Think of possibilities and growth when you hire highly qualified candidates

If your business is in an expansion stage and is certain to grow, you should understand that at some point you will need such hires that are highly qualified. It is better to have them now and let them integrate with the growth of your business. What they will bring to the table in terms of expertise will be valuable in the present and in the future.

#4 Lower cost of training and management will be required

The cost of training an overqualified candidate is relatively low if there will be any need to at all. They are more cost intensive to manage after recruiting as they know the ropes and are already skilled for the task you are hiring them for.

#5 They serve as mentors to fellow employees

When you have a new hire with lots of experience, you have a mentor who will help other employees improve. The excessive experience of overqualified candidates is a trigger and a standard for your current employees to reach. These candidates also have a way of sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

 Hiring a candidate with lots of experience and qualifications may be what your business needs to reach the next level. You should see hiring such overqualified individuals as an investment rather than a plague.


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