5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Adding Vine Into Its Marketing Strategy


Marketing for businesses encompasses many facets. The marketing machine requires a range of different parts, and they have to be chosen well or you won’t get the results you want. Consider adding Vine to your marketing strategy.

Vine has been dubbed the ‘Instagram of Twitter’. It allows you to attach short video clips to your Twitter feed. This increases the usability of your Twitter account and enables you to enhance the results you get from your marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at five of the reasons why your business should be using Vine.

The Power of Your Video

Vine only allows for a video lasting six seconds. It’s easy to scoff at this, but Twitter claims this is based on research into the attention spans of the average user. They claim this is the sweet spot and a powerful six-second video will have better results than a video lasting 30 seconds.

Such a short video encourages your business to remove anything superfluous, leaving only the best parts behind. Vine will make your video content stronger and more direct, which potentially increases the number of people you reach.

It’s Cheap and Easy

You don’t have to invest in expensive editing software to make videos for Vine. Its appeal comes in the ‘rawness’ of the video. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a corporate production, and that’s what people want over Twitter.

It takes seconds to learn. Vine comes with a short guide teaching you how to make and upload videos. You don’t have to be an expert in your craft to be able to implement Vine into your marketing strategy.

This makes it accessible. It also means you can incorporate it into your marketing plan without taking away too much time from your other marketing tools.

The Reach

Vine videos can be broadcast over both Twitter and Facebook at the click of a button. These same videos can be embedded into websites and blogs. It means you have a larger reach with each individual video. You don’t have to make a separate production or waste time uploading to various platforms.

It’s possible to reach an audience of millions with a simple six-second video. Many prominent brands, including BMW and Coca-Cola, have already demonstrated how millions can be reached through Vine.

Marketing Without the Marketing

Vine videos leave no place for advertisement and individual calls to action. A marketer may look at this fact and decide that Vine isn’t for them. It’s actually a benefit. Users are more receptive to Vine because of this fact.

Users aren’t interested in overt marketing. Old-fashioned Internet marketing techniques are considerably less effective these days. Most people tune them out, and many ads, especially on YouTube, are eliminated through third-party add-ons.

Vine forces the content to take centre stage. It encourages creativity and the removal of traditional marketing. In many ways, this makes your brand more endearing. Your reach will increase and your engagement will increase because your audience isn’t tuning out the marketing spiel.


A lot of marketing tools are designed for bespoke situations. Vine can be used absolutely anywhere for any purpose. It doesn’t require any specialist preparation to get right. For example, a restaurant could create a Vine video of the staff, the making of the food, and a special event. It can be done spontaneously and there doesn’t have to be a solid plan in place prior to it happening.

No other marketing tool is so malleable and flexible in its usage. This alone makes Vine worth your time, even if it’s completely spontaneous.

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