5 Reasons You Don't Succeed at Work

Work can be the best and the absolute worst. It can be the place where we strut our stuff, impress our boss and land a promotion faster than any other employee. On the other hand, it can be the bane of our existence, the place we dread going to. Work can basically ruin our life, which sucks since we need to work in order to survive, feed ourselves, keep a roof over our heads (even if we live in a tiny, crowded apartment), and feel satisfied every day. If you’re trying your best (or at least you think you are) and you’re not getting anywhere, you’re definitely doing some things wrong. Read on to find out the five reasons why you’re just not succeeding at your job.

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1. You're Running a Beauty Salon at Your Desk

Work is the best place to do manicures, pedicures, make-up, and braid hair. Wait… that’s not true? You think you’re running a hair, nail and beauty salon at your office. You take appointments during lunch breaks and always make sure that your coworkers look beautiful 100 percent of the time. Sorry to burst your beauty bubble but that’s not super professional, and it’s taking time away from what’s really important – doing your job and, you know, actually getting stuff done every day. I know, you love to paint your coworker’s nails, and people are depending on you. But here’s a secret: they’ll live.

Painting nails and doing hair is super similar to watching cat videos on YouTube all day long (don’t lie, we all do it, it’s okay). It’s a total distraction from the work piling up on your desk. Sure, your boss might want the free manicure every once in a while, and that could definitely be a way to get some brownie points and rack up a promotion. But in general, save the beautifying for your free time. Better yet, make it a monthly thing as part of happy hour with your coworkers. You’ll be in their good books thanks to the free manicures and you’ll be able to ask them to do the annoying work your boss hands you. They’ll be so relieved they don’t have to shell out their hard-earned cash that they’ll be like putty in your hands. The power is awesome, right?

2. Your Personal Life is Super Dramatic

Everyone at work knows exactly what’s going on in your personal life. Why? Because you won’t shut up about it. We all want to be BFFs with the people that we work with (okay, some of them, definitely not everyone). But there’s definitely a fine line between being friendly and totally oversharing. People won’t love knowing every last little detail of your crappy love life or hearing you whine about planning your wedding. Hey, it’s not your fault that the flower store messed up and now you’re going to have yellow roses even though you absolutely hate that color. That may be true, but you don’t have to talk your poor coworkers’ ears off about it every day this week.

It sucks, I know, but if you’ve got a pretty bad rep at the office for always spilling the secrets and dramas of your life outside of those walls, your career is going to suffer. Your boss will know that you’ve dated five guys who cheated on you (ouch) but they won’t know how good you are at what you do. And that defeats the purpose of having a job, right? Maybe, just maybe, it’s a good idea if people are impressed with your work abilities.

3. You Love Your Lunch Breaks

Business lunch

You take your lunch break way too seriously, in fact, that you are out of the office for two hours every single day. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you’re gone. You’re dining at the most fabulous restaurants within walking or cabbing distance from the office. You’re shopping. Sure, you’re supporting the local economy, which is always good. But lunch breaks are kind of going out of style, so why should you reap the benefits of this mid-day break when every other employee in the world is scarfing down a boring tuna sandwich at their desk? Besides, you’re running out of money thanks to all those expensive lunches out. Your wallet will be super relieved if you give this practice up and eat a crappy lunch while replying to endless emails like the rest of us.

The thing is, it’s always good to stand out at the office – when it comes to work and how awesome you are at what you do, that is. However, you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons, and always taking long lunch breaks definitely will make your boss notice you. Your coworkers will start to notice, too, and think that you’re slacking off. They may even start to resent you. Don’t you want some office BFFs? Of course you do. And of course you want your boss to love you.

4. You're so, so Lazy

We all have our off days. You know the ones, where you just want to crawl back into bed the second that your eyes fly open at the sound of your annoying alarm clock in the morning. But for you, that basically describes your entire life. Every day you’re lazy. You can’t help it. Well, actually, you can. And you should, because you need to keep your job, don’t you?

You will never, ever succeed at the office being lazy. It just won’t happen. The definition of work is the exact opposite of laziness. You complain about being tired all day long, you yawn loudly, you take a million breaks to get coffee and candy bars and chips, you do everything except man up and focus on your job.

Bosses love loyal employees, but they love committed, enthusiastic and passionate workers even more. You need to get your motivation back or you can kiss the idea of career success goodbye forever. Save your laziness for weekends where your butt doesn’t leave the couch for 48 hours straight. No one will care then.

5. You Care More About Your Hobby

We all have hobbies and interests. Or at least we should, if we want to be well-rounded, interesting people. You, however, are taking your hobby one step further. It’s totally consuming you. It’s taking over your entire life, including your job. You spend all day long on the Internet trying to find out more information about your latest interest. You talk about it to anyone who will listen (and even people who are super bored). Whether you’ve taken up yoga or cooking, guess what? Your outside interests have no place at the office, as your boss can easily assume that you’re no longer interested in your responsibilities- especially if your work has been super crappy lately. If you’re bored at work, you’re going to look bored, so find a reason to stay excited and energetic at work and you will eventually have a successful career.

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Can you relate to any of these five reasons you’re not succeeding at your job? If you do, consider this article a wakeup call to change. Even though you should enjoy your time at work, you should always make sure that you actually do your job first and then concentrate on the rest. After all, you do want to be successful, right?




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