5 Reasons You Need to Take More Risks


Are you simply coasting by? Living a simple, safe and steady life with little excitement?

If this is you, you’re going to have very little to show for your life if you carry on the way you are.

Because taking risks is the only way to achieve personal development, have exhilarating experiences and stand out from the crowd.

Here’s why you absolutely need to take more risks:

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1. You'll learn from the experience and become a better person for it

If a child didn’t take any risks, they would never learn how to do a single thing, and would grow up to be an anxiety-riddled, reclusive mute.

That’s perhaps why we’re more prone to taking risks in our youth. Adolescents often see that there are more pros from taking risks than cons much quicker than adults do.

Many people are too frightened of failure when it comes to taking risks. But often failure isn’t the problem – it’s how we deal with it and learn from it that actually counts.

2. It might be the only way to achieve a positive outcome

If you’re working on a project and come across a seemingly insolvable problem, the only way to get the results you require is to think outside of the box and try something new.

This means taking risks until you get the desired positive outcome.

The same goes for obstacles you might face in life. Sometimes the only way to move on from a disastrous situation is to change your approach and take a risk.

3. It's the only way you're going to have new and exciting experiences

We encounter small risks and larger risks all the time. ‘Should I try something new for lunch?’ is a small risk, while ‘Should I go for coffee with this guy?’ is a medium risk and ‘Should I snap up this new job opportunity?’ is a big risk.

Life would be a snooze-fest if you didn’t take any risks and did the same thing day in day out. You know what they say: variety is the spice of life!

You don’t have to be the “Yes Man” right away or anything; start by taking smaller risks and gradually work your way up to making bigger ones and you’ll be having oodles of fun before you know it.

4. You will stand out from the crowd which could benefit many areas in your life

Those who take risks can be seen as confident individuals who grab life by the horns.

This could be seen as a very positive personality trait that others will admire. Thus, taking risks could lead to getting a job or promotion, or gaining the attention of potential partners, for example.

5. Taking risks could reduce anxiety and improve your mental health

It has been proven that people who suffer from anxiety disorders are less likely to take risks. This is due to hypersensitivity towards threats and potential dangers.

One method of treating anxiety is exposure therapy. This might involve exposing an individual to difficult stimuli or stressful situations in order to help them overcome their fears and anxieties.

This could be seen as exposing people with anxiety to perceived risks. It makes sense. The more risks you take, the less frightening and stressful taking risks will seem.

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Taking risks could drastically improve your quality of life, whether that means you have new and exciting experiences, become a better person or overcome your biggest fears.

You never know until you try...