5 Reasons You Should Work For an SME

If you are a recent graduate and you’ve just gone into the job seeking game you are probably not sure whether you should be aiming for big corporations or small and medium enterprises. The reality is that working for a huge corporation has its merits; there will inevitably be some great perks and benefits, and working for a well-known company can do wonders for your resume, but that’s not to say that working in a small or medium enterprise doesn’t come with its benefits.

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So if you are wondering which companies you should be adding to your target list we are here to remind you that you should also consider small or medium enterprises and these are the reasons why:

1. Attention

work with boss

Just like taking baby steps, being new on the job means that you need attention. You need a go-to person when you are not sure about something and you need someone to check your work just to make sure that you are not messing up too much.

Working in a small or medium company means that you are going to be getting that attention because your group will be more close-knit and they’ll be more interested in helping you stand on your own two feet.

2. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Working for an SME can be great for developing your professional skills, such as problem-solving. Most SME companies don’t have the huge budgets that bigger companies have and their resources are limited, but that’s not to say that they can’t achieve greatness.

Working for an SME will require that you put your creativity forward, and you will be called to find solutions to problems that will develop your professional skills and will give you hands-on experience of what the business world is really like.

3. Advancement Is Easier

small business employee

If you are interested in quickly advancing your career and finding your way out of an entry-level position sooner rather than later, then you need to consider working for an SME. Not only are there usually fewer employees at an SME, but they also often advance from their employee ranks which is exactly why you will be able to advance your career if you manage to successfully showcase your skills.

4. Higher Profile

Working in big corporations is often compared to being a small fish in a large pond, and that’s because there’s usually too many people working and too many new employees so their opinions and ideas are never heard out, let alone valued.

Working in an SME, however, guarantees that you will be heard out and that your opinions will be considered, which means that if your idea has a positive result you will be noticed and recognized.

5. Better Workplace Culture

employees throwing paper

Smaller companies are bound to make you feel more homey and comfortable early on, and that’s because management and employees integrate more often. Teams are also more tightly bound, and this gives you a very family like feeling.

The workplace will be a happier place you want to be in and your motivation, and productivity will increase.

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Working for an SME can be a better career choice if you are just entering the professional world. It will equip you with valuable skills that will be useful in your career later on. The company culture will not be as intimidating as at a large corporation and it will also make you feel safe enough to become a risk-taker and innovative thinker.

What other benefits are there to working for an SME? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.