5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using TinyTorch

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using TinyTorch

TinyTorch is a brand of social media marketing software. It’s available for all individuals and companies and is designed to schedule social media posts, so they will automatically publish even while you’re away from the computer.

Your business should be using TinyTorch because of all the benefits it can bring.

TinyTorch Breakdown

  • Social media management software with flexible payment plans.
  • Allows access to a database of high-quality content.
  • Comes with free graphic design facilities where novices can make their content visually appealing.
  • It is available on multiple social media platforms.
  • Schedule social media software months in advance of the actual publication date.

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1. Social Media is the Future

Excuses about how you don’t have enough time for social media are no longer viable. The fact is social media is the future. Google now considers it the number one factor in ranking websites. It’s the best example of popularity, so it’s no surprise.

You’re missing out on valuable interaction and marketing opportunities with your customers without it.

Now you have to make time for social media, and TinyTorch can help you to do just that. It can manage your social media streams even when you’re not there.

2. Save Time

Social media is a time-consuming pursuit. It can take valuable time away from concentrating on other aspects of marketing. You can save time by letting TinyTorch take over.

All you have to do is gather your posts together and schedule them for the appropriate time. Once this is done, you don’t have to return to social media until you need to schedule the next batch of posts.

A daily task can soon turn into a weekly task or even a monthly task.

3. Making Finding Great Content Easy

TinyTorch has a team of social media experts uploading content to their network daily. Businesses in all industries can get access to great content people are interested in at the click of a button.

One of the benefits of TinyTorch is content is procured against a number of key criteria. This vastly increases the chances of getting people to actually interact with your content. Now the content you publish will be worthwhile for your target audience.

4. Covers Every Major Social Media Outlet

TinyTorch isn’t just compatible with Facebook. It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more.

Businesses that need to target customers on multiple fronts can do it from an easy-to-use central platform. The user interface doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate, and TinyTorch offers a strong customer service support network.

It’s vital to have social media management capabilities for every outlet. Software like this ensures your reach is the greatest you can manage.

5. Easy to Create Custom Content

There’s more to publishing great content on social media than posting a link. You need to make it look good. Unfortunately, this nearly always requires the use of a professional graphic designer. TinyTorch means you no longer have to spend this amount of money.

TinyTorch has a professional interface that allows full image manipulation. Using a drag-and-drop system, you can use a heavily simplified editor to craft amazing content that’s easy on the eye.

It only takes a matter of minutes to make an image of your own and requires no previous knowledge of graphic design.

TinyTorch is the Way Forward

TinyTorch offers a range of flexible plans for people who want to make social media easy for them. By taking advantage of their services, you can reduce the time you spend on social media, remove the need to hire pricey professionals, and manage all your social media issues from one place.

Do you use TinyTorch? What was your experience like? Was it superior to other social media scheduling software?