5 Reasons Your Coworkers Don't Like You and How to Fix It

You smell, dress funny and drool when you talk; honesty there’s a lot not to love about you. But you didn’t come to this article to be berated, criticized and made fun of so, trust your mess to me. I can rebuild you, I have the technology. Well, no I don’t actually but I can give you a few tips and tricks. Here are some more reasons your coworkers don’t like you and how to fix it.

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1. Acceptance

sad employee

The modern workplace is populated by professionals that more or less act like they are still in elementary school. They clique up, gossip and ridicule people that aren’t like them. Acceptance is the first step towards recovery- know that you will not be liked by everyone in the office; some people will project their inadequacies on to you and there’s not much you can do about that now, can you?

2. Disagreements

You’re hard-headed and stubborn and if it’s one thing beyond body odor that people hate is a head-strong individual. If you notice that everyone is constantly disagreeing with you (and why wouldn’t they, your ideas aren’t exactly brilliant) then there’s a good chance that you aren’t seen in the most favorable light. The best way to amend this situation is to listen to other people’s opinions (and consider them instead of scoffing and saying “that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard today). I know, it might be hard to break away from your insanely ingrained habits, but you came to me for help and I’m trying my best so you should, too.

3. Butting In

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Something that is infinitely aggravating but you have developed into an art is butting in, or interjecting when you aren’t welcome. I understand that when you walk into a room, it goes completely silent and you haven’t had a conversation with anyone but your dog for the past three days, but there is a way to socialize at work-it’s called bonding. Try finding the clique at work that are the social outcasts (ambition is great but start with baby steps) and invite them out for drinks or Jenga. Eventually you will establish a relationship with them and be schmoozing and socializing with the best (of the worst) of them.

4. Theft

Not only are your desk snacks disappearing but so is the credit for your ideas. The worst thing about intellectual theft is the fact that no one will bother standing up for you or even vouching that those ideas were yours. The only way to prove that it’s your work is by showing the work that led up to your idea. Yes, even if it is dirty napkins. See, I’m starting to understand more and more why no one likes you.

5. Gossiping


People love to talk trash and if you are the least likable person in the cubicle farm then that trash is probably going to be directed at you. The best way to confront this is head on. If the rumor mill has been circulating that you have a perfunctory tail, then show them your butt. Actually don’t, that’s horrible advice. Instead try to find the source of the gossip and “take them out” if you get what I mean. Start a rumor about the person spreading the rumor about you- the more insidious the better. That way people will concentrate on the other person and that person will lose credibility.

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Are there any other things you can do to make you more likable? Let us know in the comment section below.