5 Secret Benefits of Working for a Jerk

I used to work for a jerk, and I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone. But while working for a difficult boss can make the workday stressful and grueling, there are secret benefits.

1. You Learn How NOT to Treat People

You might be an employee today, but someday you might run your own company or be a manager or supervisor. If your boss is a complete jerk and doesn’t respect you as an employee, this is a feeling you may remember for years. This provides a valuable lesson and you’ll learn the wrong and right ways to treat those under you. If your boss yells, takes credit for your work or doesn’t respect your personal time, you may vow to treat your staff differently.

2. You Can Develop a Thicker Skin

It’s annoying having a jerk for a boss, but if you’re a softy, working under a tyrant can be beneficial in the long run. There’s nothing like a difficult situation to prove how strong you actually are. Besides, if you can survive a jerk for a boss, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to handle any tough situation that’s thrown your way. This experience can prepare you for possibly dealing with other jerks in the future.

3. You Might Become More Assertive

Just because your boss has the power to hire and fire doesn’t mean you have to accept mistreatment — and sometimes, you have to defend yourself and speak up.

Maybe you’re the type of person who avoids confrontation and you normally allow people to walk over you. If your boss makes every day impossible, you might find the inner strength to stand up for yourself and respectfully speak to your boss about the matter. And if you get into a habit of defending yourself at work, you’re more likely to speak up in other situations.

4. It Builds Your Problem-Solving Skills

It’s important to know what makes your boss tick. If he’s high-strong and gets mad at the smallest things, it’s probably best not to approach him with every little issue. But instead, come up with a practical solution yourself, and then present your suggestions. If bad news is followed with good news, this can keep your boss calm. Your quick thinking and problem-solving skills may alleviate tension.

5. It Motivates You to Succeed

If your boss doesn’t appreciate your hard work or gets mad at the slightest mistake, this treatment can be the motivating force you need to succeed and prove you’re a competent, strong worker. Additionally, a jerk boss can motivate you to build your career skills or increase your education so you’re able to move on to bigger and better opportunities, and hopefully work for a boss who’s nicer and more respectful.

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Some people are fortunate enough to work for the best people, but others have to deal with a difficult boss. Even though your situation may be less than desirable, stay positive and think of the situation as a lesson in how to deal with difficult people.

What are other benefits of a jerk boss?




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