5 Signs That Prove Too Much Focus on Financial Reward Will Not Always Benefit You


Not so many people pursue jobs because it’s their passion or something that they love to do. Many times we get caught into the trap of chasing jobs that offer financial rewards instead of jobs that we are passionate about. There are certain detrimental effects that accompany your choice to focus on monetary gains. Below are signs that show your focus on financial reward is not always beneficial.

1. You Find Your Job Boring

Your work days are boring, and you are not excited when you wake up in the morning to go to work. You get bored easily at work and look forward to leaving in the evening. In addition, you are not willing to put in extra hours unless you are paid overtime. Don’t focus entirely on financial rewards.

2. You Are Not Getting a Promotion

Usually, people who focus on monetary rewards tend to work for money at the expense of gaining experience. Employers are keen to notice employees who work hard to gain experience and go to the next level. Such employees are potential candidates for promotion. Those that focus on financial gains tend to be overlooked.

3. You Lack Fulfilment

For some reason, you do not find that sense of fulfilment from your job. No matter the size of your salary, you still feel like you lack or missing something. You may also feel like your job contributions don’t matter. Such a feeling proves that the financial reward that you are keen on is not benefiting you as you thought it would.

4. You Feel You Are Living Up To Your Full Potential

You put in efforts to justify your claim for a fat pay check. You work and always look forward to payday. However, despite earning a lot of money, you seem to feel that you are not pushing beyond your limits. There is that feeling of, not living to your full potential. Your job is not helping you to develop and improve. You know you can better your performance but because you are already getting paid enough money you don’t feel the urge to push to greater heights.  

5. Your Job Feels Meaningless

Another sign that proves focusing on monetary rewards will not always benefits you, is feeling like you have a meaningless job. You work and get paid but still feel like what you do, does not matter to your co-workers or company. Instead, the efforts you put in at work feel like you just pass the time and head home. You don’t find that motivation to put in extra work, and you easily get distracted while working or lose interest in your job.

Looking for a job that pays well is not bad because it is a significant factor in these tough economic times. However, focusing too much on monetary gains and not considering other factors can affect your life, in general. It is prudent that you chose a job in a field you are passionate about. This way, you will be happy and productive in your workplace.