5 Signs you Have Rocked Your Phone Interview


Phone interviews can be as intimidating as face-to-face job interviews. Both interview types require that you prepare in advance to answer the interviewer’s questions appropriately and promote yourself as effectively as possible, although they have one essential difference.  When talking on the phone, it’s more difficult to connect with the interviewer because you can’t see his face and assess overall body language. While body language could work against you, most of the time it can help you understand their intentions and how everything is going.

Despite the fact that you can’t see who you are talking to, you can still figure out whether this phone call is going to work for or against you. In case you didn’t know, there are some clear signs that can help you understand if the interview is going well and if the recruiter is interested in you.

Let’s check these out:

#1 Interviewer tries to Sell the Company

You know you are doing well when your interviewer tries to impress you by ‘selling’ the company instead the other way around. When this happens, and the employer goes out of his or her way to sell the company’s best features, then it is highly likely that you are more than they could have asked for. Since they wouldn’t want to lose you to another company, this is your chance to get more information about the work environment and negotiate employee benefits!

#2 Conversation Goes Slightly out of Topic

When you feel the conversation starts to go slightly out off topic, it is possible that you have made a very good first impression! If you start talking about your mutual interests including your favourite football teams, then this is a sign the call is quite relaxed. Look out for other signs that can show you whether the recruiter has interests in you as well as anything that indicates a less formal stance. Focus on signs of relaxation such as laughing or excitement in the interviewer’s voice that are good indicators the interview is going well.

#3 Call goes on longer than expected

If the call goes on longer than expected, perhaps the interviewer is keen to get to know you more, which is a great sign. After going over the first couple of questions about your background, education and experience, if the employer continues to ask questions for longer than scheduled – over 20 minutes, then you know he already regards you as a likely candidate for the job. If they are interested, most employers want to know what the motivation is behind your decision to work for them by getting to know your qualities and values so they tend to ask more open-ended questions.   

#4 Interviewer talks about clear next steps

When the interviewer talks about clear next steps, you know he or she is considering you for the job. From what you have discussed previously, the interviewer is already picturing you working at the company and would like to meet you in person. So, make sure that you look out for mentions of definite next steps towards the end of the interview. You can also take the initiative to ask how you should expect to go forward in order to test the interviewer’s intentions.

During your next phone interview, watch out for these signs to help you figure out whether you are going to get a job on offer!