5 Situations When You Should Steer Clear of Your Colleagues

Colleagues gossiping

Having a good relationship with your colleagues is important in order to continue to be productive in the workplace and continue to promote a positive atmosphere. However, there are some situations when you should steer clear of your colleagues -whether for your own safety or mental sanity. Consider the following 5 situations where it would be better to steer clear of your colleagues so you can focus and be more productive in your work.  

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1. The Caffeine Effect

If your usually calm coworker has downed five cups of coffee by 9:30 am and is experiencing a high dose of caffeine with all its jittery effects, you just may want to steer clear of this person. When a coworker who usually loves his morning coffee comes to the office empty-handed, only to find the coffee machine in disrepair, stay away. You’ll be thankful you avoided this grumpy, caffeine-deprived individual and were able to get work done in peace.

2. Major Meltdown

When your coworker’s phone is being repeatedly slammed back into its base and choice words fly out like ammunition, it’s time to stay hidden in your office. Avoid this major meltdown at all costs. If you’re walking toward the break room and hear uncontrollable crying from one of your coworkers inside, turn around and walk away. Even if you’re stomach’s growling, forget your bagged lunch. Spend a few bucks to buy lunch out of the office rather than having to deal with that meltdown. Once you walk in there, you’re not getting out without having to hear the entire sob story of her latest breakup.

3. Pungent Odors

The pungent odor situation may be trickier to avoid. However, you need to figure out ways to save yourself from those smelly lunches that your coworker is constantly bringing to work each day. Not to mention the overpowering perfume and cologne you need to avoid every time you walk by your coworkers’ offices or cubicles. You have nothing against your colleagues who smoke, but you have learned to avoid the backdoor pavilion area where you have to pass through a haze of smoke if you want to get to your car.

4. Incessant Chatter

Chatting is fun and can sometimes be an enjoyable distraction from your work. However, even you have limits to the amount of conversation you want to hear when you’re trying to get your work done. As soon as you hear the chatty Cathy in your office walking by, spring into action. Either take your break and quickly head in the other direction, or pick up the phone and make a call -even if you have to pretend you’re talking to someone. Don’t even give in to temptation and smile as she walks by. Any encouragement from you, will keep her hanging out at your door until you get off the call.

5. Head in The Clouds

Finally, you want to steer clear of your coworker who is constantly walking around with his or her head in the clouds. Sure, it’s nice to have a dose of their constant sunshine and happiness every now and then. However, their chipper attitude is actually toxic to your own sanity and can really make you lose focus on actually completing your work. You may have to take drastic measures and put some grumpiness on your facial expression when they walk by to scare them away.

Have you ever experienced any of these situations in the workplace when you’ve wanted to steer clear of your colleagues? What stealth measures did you use to avoid them?