5 Social Media Tricks You Are Probably Unaware Of

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Social media has become ever more complicated as social media managers demand ever more sensitive tracking tools. They want to find out everything you’re doing and how you’re responding to any and all new developments. This is great if you know social media inside and out, but most of us don’t. There are always new tricks to learn.

Together, let’s take a look at five of the cleverest social media tricks you’re probably blissfully unaware of.

#1 Finding Compliments on Facebook

According to the latest statistics, 35 per cent of all comments on Facebook pages are compliments. The problem is whenever this happens the compliment goes under a header called ‘Recent Posts by Others’, so the chances are nobody will ever see it.

Make these comments appear on the main timeline by accessing your activity log. Click on the pencil icon on the ‘Posts by Others’ category and select the option that allows you to display them on the main page. It’s that simple!

 #2 Alter Google+ Post Formatting

Font formatting is something you don’t normally get a say on when it comes to social media. Google+ is the one exception, however. You can change the font to bold and use the strikethrough option, to name just a few of the handy little tools on offer. To use them, though, you have to use the correct commands. These commands are:

  • Add an asterisk before and after any text you would like to make bold.
  • Italicise text by adding an underscore at the beginning and end.
  • To use the strikethrough option, add a hyphen to the beginning and end of the content you want to strikethrough.

#3 What are Instagram Users Sharing?

If you’re wondering about what users are Instagramming from your business location, you can find out about it without having an active account.

Start by taking a photo of your business and share it on Instagram. Add a photo to the map and name your location on an actual map. You’ve now geo-tagged your business. You’ll find a blue location link after publishing. Click on it and you’ll be able to spot any photos members of the public have posted from your business.

#4 LinkedIn Company Updates

Make better company updates on LinkedIn using rich media. Instead of sharing links like everyone else, add YouTube video links and SlideShare presentations. This is guaranteed to make your company updates stand out. Statistics show images on LinkedIn have a 98% higher chance of gaining a comment. And videos on LinkedIn have a 75% higher share rate.

#5 Twitter Business Branding

Success in business today requires standing out from the crowd. One of the main problems you have is not being able to stand out on standardised networks like Twitter. Once you stand out, you have to opt for consistent branding, though. This will help to give your company a professional appearance that your competitors can’t manage.

Twitter allows you to customise your profile. First of all, you can alter your wallpaper background in any way you please. You can also add hashtags, text, and hyperlinks in a colour that fits your brand.

All you have to do is click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. Go to ‘Settings’ and pick ‘Design’ on the left. On the ‘Design’ menu, you can make all the changes you like, including uploading branded wallpaper from your computer.

On a side note, make sure anything you upload is of the correct size. It’s not uncommon for high quality pictures to suddenly become low quality pictures because they’re of the wrong shape and size.




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