5 Steps to Becoming More Creative [Infographic]

While creativity helps us improve as individuals and members within a society, and it is crucial to everything we do, the majority of people believe they haven’t yet discovered their creative potential. Becoming more creative, however, is not that difficult after all.

According to this infographic from Whoispostingthis, all it takes to become creative is to be curious, since curiosity is an important factor that helps you move forward and makes you wonder about things you see around you. In order to help you realise your creative potential, the infographic provides steps on how to become more creative in your life, suggesting some great techniques that will wake up your creative spirit!

5 Steps to Becoming More Creative:

  1. Browse information and have an interest in everything around you.
  2. Look at the information in different perspectives and investigate their connection.
  3. Let your thoughts come out and feed your imagination.
  4. Wait for the idea to come to you and write your notes down.
  5. Submit the idea to criticisms.

While these steps can help you organise your thoughts and test your ideas, the following techniques first developed by some well-known artists and scientists will help you unlock the creative side of your mind.

Helpful Techniques:

  • Oblique Strategies by Brian and Peter Schmidt.
  • Lotus Blossom Technique by Yasuo Matsumura.
  • The Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono.

Check out this infographic to get more tips on how to become more creative and find a way to translate your ideas into action!




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