5 Strangest Ways To Get Into Space (that we've actually tried)

Although the Cold War Space Race’s jets have long cooled (ha! Get it? Jets….oh, they use rockets?) that doesn’t mean countries have stopped trying their hand at space-travel. However, we have thankfully advanced a long way technology wise and even perception wise. And as such long left behind the ideas of the 50s with flying saucers and atomic era vehicles….What, we haven’t? Yes! Apparently we are still trying to use saucer looking  aircraft amongst other interesting ideas to get into space!

Yes, amongst other things. The very first one on the list actually looks like the plane from this creepy-ass children’s show called Thunderbirds. Here’s a video and I take no responsibility for lost sleep.

Yeah, creepy.

Never the less thankfully the real life equivalent isn’t as creepy as those nightmarish puppet things. Also, thankfully a space elevator isn’t quite feasible yet. I don’t know about you, but I certainly would not want to be stuck between planets and wait for a few months for the space-firemen to come get me out.

Lastly, let’s be thankful that the nuclear bomb powered space ship was scratched, because yeah, it sounds like it was conceived during a redneck’s drunken and meth fueled rant. “Y’all we should strap an A-bomb to the back of one of those fancy spaceships, it’ll get us to Mars in no time!”

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Are there any other innovations that video didn’t cover? Let me know in the comment section below.