5 Strategies Disney Use That Still Make Them the Best


Whether you’re talking about brand recognition, customer loyalty or any other facet of business strategy, it’s no secret that Disney rules supreme. From theme parks touted as “the happiest place on Earth” to movies, TV shows, clothing and other merchandise, Disney does it all – and also does it best.

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So, how do they do it? Much of the brilliance of Disney’s marketing, promotion and business strategies came from Walt Disney himself – but the empire is long outlasting its creator. In the modern age, Disney has continued to adapt, grow and thrive. The company’s strategies are so successful that there’s even a side business that teaches business leaders how to mimic it. If you attend the Disney Institute’s “Business Excellence” course, here are some strategies you’re certain to learn.

1. Give customers memorable experiences

When you step into a Disney theme park, you’re immersed in a magical world. Sure, other theme parks have even better rides – but it’s the commitment to the little details that sets Disney apart. Thus, one of the key lessons taught at the Disney Institute is how to give your customers that excellent experience that makes them remember you.

2. Keep your customers loyal

Brand loyalty is an extension of excellent customer service. When you treat every customer like he’s special, he’ll be more likely to come back. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve had a favorite Disney character since childhood. That, friends, is called brand loyalty – and it’s a hallmark of Disney’s strategy. Disney also expands brand loyalty by continuing to offer new and innovative products that build upon popular brands.

3. Make sure your employees know your company culture

Disney employees are not called “employees”, they’re called cast members. They don’t wear uniforms, they wear “costumes”. All Disney employees know their roles, brought about by a strong, structured training process. Disney’s strategy is to only hire people who already fit their cultural model, and then train them to perform the tasks they need to know. This cuts down on the number of dissatisfied, unmotivated or unconfident employees that can bring down an organization.

4. Provide strong leaders to guide the organization

Disney values leaders who are excellent communicators and who are not afraid to collaborate with other members of the organization. Disney leaders are positive people who look for creative solutions to even the most complex problems.

5. Creativity is the source of everything

Speaking of creativity, you’re probably aware that there’s plenty of it at Disney. When employees are surrounded by supportive, encouraging leaders, they’ll tend to be more creative and collaborative – something that’s highly valued at Disney. What sets the company apart is that it’s developed a strategy for tapping and organizing its employees’ creativity.

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Attending Disney’s “Circle of Excellence” business trainings will give you access to these strategies and techniques firsthand, but simply knowing that loyalty, customer service, a strong company culture, strong leaders, and a spirit of creativity are the fountainheads of the company’s success will also help you begin to shape your own company in a more focused direction.

Disney Institute: Business Excellence




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