5 Struggles at Work Only Bubbly People Will Understand

People with bubbly personalities sometimes get a bad reputation for being extremely sugarlicious and constantly floating in the clouds like the fictional character, Pollyanna, known for her extremely optimistic outlook. However, being a bubbly person takes hard work; especially when you have to deal with the non-bubbly folk. There are definite issues that bubbly people have to struggle with in the workplace and this article will share some of them.

1. Not Getting Infected By Toxic People

One of the biggest struggles that bubbly people have to deal with at work, is not getting infected by toxic coworkers. Just imagine coming to work with your usual excitement and sunny attitude and the first person you see is the sour-faced receptionist at the front desk. It’s like dodging bullets on a Monday morning getting from the ground floor to your office because you need to stay clear of toxic coworkers. Take heart and keep sharing your smiles and bubbling personality because—even if no one admits it—deep down we all love your sunshine.

2. Ridiculed For Being Happy All The Time


Bubbly people also struggle with being ridiculed for being happy all the time. Maintaining a sunshine attitude isn’t always easy. You have to deal with fellow coworkers snickering behind your back, making snide remarks or causing trouble for you in the workplace. However, they’re probably just jealous that you are able to be happy all the time. So stay strong and keep bringing the sunshine.

3. Working So Hard at Floating in The Clouds

Being happy all the time is not always easy because others can bring you down and circumstances can get tough. However, think positively and remember the feelings you had whilst walking in the clouds. Keep spreading your cheeriness and don’t allow the negative experiences in the workplace to keep you from shining brightly.

4. Consumed With Converting “Non-Bubblies”

Another struggle bubbly people have is converting “non-bubblies” to the bright side. After all, you know it’s so much better on your side, walking in the clouds. Who wouldn’t want to join in with the sunshine crowd? However, all bubblies know, it is not an easy task to convert a non-bubbly. Just stay strong, and keep lighting the workplace with happiness and your coworkers will eventually come around.

5. Dismissed by The Boss For Serious Projects

One last struggle that bubbly people have is that their bosses don’t take them seriously and can sometimes become haters. You may not get chosen to work on that important team project and are only delegated with fluff work. However, keep that smile on your face and stay open to the challenge of proving your boss wrong. As a bubbly person, you have so much to offer in the workplace besides your cheery attitude and sunshine perspective.

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If you’re a bubbly person, what struggles have you had to deal with in the workplace?