5 Struggles at Work Only Left Handed People Will Understand

The left-handed people have had a difficult time here on Earth. Not only are they a very tiny minority - they represent about 10 percent of the population - they have been victims of persecution and cultural disparaging connotations throughout history.  

From ancient languages describing left as "weak," "wicked" or "awkward" to being viewed as evil due to superstitions, the left-handed population has had its fair share of discomfort. At the same time, however, there are a great number of famous left-handed individuals, like President Obama, actress and singer Judy Garland, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, author Stan Lee and artist Vincent Van Gogh. 

Despite the great number of left-handed people in this world, it seems society hasn’t attempted to make life easier for us.  

Perhaps the greatest campaign to defend the left-handed people came from "The Simpsons," in which Ned Flanders opens up The Leftorium, a one-stop shop for all things left-handed. If a store like this only existed in a lot of shopping malls today. Sic vivitur

In offices everywhere, it’s quite difficult for left-handers to get their work done. It seems every single workplace has been specifically designed to meet the needs of only right-handed people. Indeed, it is a first-world problem, but a very inconvenient one for left-handers. Plus it’s easy to chastize the left-handers since the world is very easy for right-handers. 

Here are 5 daily struggles at work only left-handed people will understand:

1. The Dreaded Ink Paint on Your Hand

This has long been a problem for left-handed students and professionals alike: your hand covered in ink. Although it’s not as common as it was a decade or two ago thanks to computers and tablets, when we write it can still be an annoyance. Whenever you write something down on a sheet of paper, the side of your left handed is covered in black or blue ink. The same thing happens when you solve a crossword puzzle.

There is a solution, however: this thing, the SmudgeGuard. But nobody would even want to wear such a thing to the office. Just imagine what your boss would think!

2. The Impossible Feat of Binders, Notepads & Scissors

It seems the developers of binders and scissors were intent on annoying those who were primarily left-handed. First, the binder and the notepad are nearly impossible to write in. When it comes to binders, you can’t write in it properly because of the clipping barriers. In relation to notepads, you have to turn the things upside down in order to write something.

Let’s not get started on the scissors problem. If you’re left-handed, it is very awkward to use a pair of scissors. By the time you cut through a piece of paper, the sheet is completely unusable.

3. Tin Can: You vs. Can Opener

The relationship between you and the can opener is an eternal struggle. Much like the notepad and scissors, it is next to impossible utilizing a can opener to its fullest extent. At the grocery, store, you have to purchase cans that have lids that can be pulled open, which is more expensive. Can opener 1 You 0.

4. The Mouse Doesn't Like You

Did you know the mouse mocks you every time you turn the computer on? Well, not really but the standard workstation in today’s world is the monitor on the desk with the keyboard facing it and the mouse to the right of the keyboard. The left button is the most dominant while the right hand button is for more technical stuff. Of course, you can reverse this in the control panel. But a lot of people are completely unaware that there is even such thing as a control panel!

5. The Inane Chatter of Those in Awe of Your Left-Handedness

right hand left hand write

Finally, the most frustrating part of being left-handed: the inane and incessant conversation about being left-handed. God be with you if someone at the office notices that you’re left-handed because they will go into a 20-minute diatribe about how they’re great grandfather and third cousin are left-handed. They will also ask monotonous questions about what life is like being left-handed and if you hate it. Oh yay!

Although left-handedness has been attributed to higher cases of psychosis, ADHD, alcoholism and fear; being left-handed is something that should be celebrated. Let’s face it, you’re a rare species when you’re a leftie, and you’re also more artistic, have better hearing and introverted. Simply put: you’re unique, different and, most of all, a wonderful human being. Albae gallinae filius!

Are you a left-handed person? How do you find life’s struggles? Let us know in the comment section...

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