5 Struggles at Work Only Wimps Will Understand

Life is easy when you’re a tough guy! Everyone respects (and fears) big, tough men with heavy muscles. You can throw your weight around and make people do what you want just by looking imposing.

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But when you’re a quiet, meek, small person, things at work can be pretty tough. Your low level of aggression can be misinterpreted as lack of confidence, and people will take advantage of your "wimpiness" often.

Here are a few struggles at work that only a wimp will understand:

1. You're intimately familiar with the term "Whipping Boy"

Whipping boy

Boss needs coffee? You’ll do the run! Someone needs to stay over the weekend? You’re up for it. Someone needs to be sacked because the marketing team failed to reach their numbers? You’ll take the fall.

You’ve become very familiar with the term "whipping boy", with a bit of "scapegoat" thrown in. You’re too wimpy to stand up and defend yourself, so people take advantage of you. Don’t like it? What are you going to do about it? Nothing, that’s what!

2. Everyone is a potential bully

wimp bully nerd

Your wimpiness makes you a target for everyone who is feeling dissatisfied with their physical prowess. Unfortunately, that means you’re likely to be bullied by pudgy, pasty accountants in their 40s who are suffering from impotence and low sex drive.

But anyone could bully you -from the water delivery guy to the mail man, to the front desk clerk! You’re just too easy a target, so anyone who needs to feel like "I’m not the lamest one here" will feel the need to put you in your place.

3. No one wants that task? It's yours!

all tasks on you

There are always c*** duties that need to be handled. We’re talking organizing the company picnic, staying locked into the office over the weekend, or "holding down the fort" during the holidays. Who should get the job? Why you, of course!

Why does it always have to be you? Everyone else is tough enough to stand up for themselves, but you’re too wimpy to say anything in protest. All you can do is flip the bird to the retreating backs of your co-workers leaving you alone in the office with their extra paperwork. Just hope they don’t see it!

4. Promotion time? Anyone but you!

What does a boss look for in a promotable employee? Confidence, leadership abilities, the respect of their peers -pretty much everything you DON’T have! You’re probably the candidate most suited for the job, with all the skills needed to earn that promotion. You’ve put in more than your fair share of time, and you deserve the job. But, because you’re too afraid to raise your hand or push for the job, it goes to some Cro-Magnon knuckle dragger too loud or brash to be ignored.

5. Your friends look like they belong in a Sit-Com

You know how they say "birds of a feather flock together"? You and your group of friends are likely a very odd-looking bunch of birds! Wimps, nerds, geeks, and the other outcasts of "polite office society" tend to band together, both for protection and to find companionship in one another’s suffering. Your rag-tag group is definitely not the supermodels of the company, but you look like something out of a sitcom starring a lot of awkward people!

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Piece of advice: turn that "wimpiness" into "nerdiness" or "geekiness". People tend to leave geeks and nerds alone, or at least pick on them less. It’s the "Age of the Geek", baby! Time to get on board and join the other "wimps" who have found a way to be accepted into society.

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