5 Success Lessons to Learn from Iron Man

The playboy genius philanthropist is back, and this time his adventure is bigger and better. With the recent release of Ironman 3, it is only natural that we look towards the brilliant yet bashful Tony Stark for tips on how to be successful when faced with difficulties. It is no secret that the mind behind the technologically advanced ironman suit takes a conventional approach to every problem, tackling issues from a different perspective and overcoming challenges.

Here are 5 lessons you can learn to be successful from the man clad in iron:

#1 Own Up to Your Mistakes

When Iron Man makes an error in judgment, he is always the first one to own up and rectify it. In Iron Man, Tony Stark becomes aware of the negative effects of creating weapons - he takes the initiative to put things right. So instead of hiding your slip-ups and letting your ego get the better of you, be a better person and own up to your mistakes!

#2 Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

Superman, Batman and Spiderman - all amazing super heroes who are gifted with superhuman qualities, yet they don’t possess the confidence to own up to their greatness.  Tony Stark doesn’t - his confident attitude towards hiding his accomplishments and flaunting his success helps him become a nation’s hero. So believe in yourself and let yourself shine!

#3 Be Dedicated to your Passion

Once Iron Man knows his strength and passion, he dedicates himself to getting better. If you know what your passion is, it is important that you make the effort and become the best in your chosen field. Whether it is writing, sales or graffiti - identify your niche and become a recognized professional your chosen career!

#4 Don’t take yourself too Seriously

Experienced a failure? Learn your lesson and move on! Dwelling on the past and concentrating on negativity leads to more failures. Don’t take yourself too seriously because it only holds you back. In Iron Man 3, Stark was stuck in the tragedy he experienced in Avengers, which was essentially leading to panic and anxiety attacks. Once he learned how to control this - was able to adopt his devil-may-care attitude and defeat Killian.

#5 Keep Improving

There is always room for improvement and growth. It is not possible to arrive at a perfect model and then become dormant - so make sure you are continuously developing your skills and getter better at what you do. Tony creates an Iron Man suit that can be controlled remotely, which helps his save Potts as well as the president - all in a day’s work!