5 Surefire Ways of Failing in the Music Industry

There are many talented people out there who are trying to break into the music industry. However, most of these musicians make some mistakes which hinder their chances of success. Here are some blunders you need to avoid when attempting to build a career in the music industry.

1. Doing music as a side job

Many musicians make the mistake of trying to build a successful career in music while holding on to a secure non-music job. In most cases, such people don’t find enough energy or time to invest in becoming professional musicians. As a result, many end up stuck at their jobs probably till retirement. The only thing they are left with is regret for failing to pursue their passion. Therefore, to succeed in the music industry, you need to make music your number one priority. If you must work in a non-music job to support yourself financially, have a plan for gradually phasing out your job and eventually pursuing music on a full-time basis.

2. Relying on music qualifications

Though taking a course in music will expand your knowledge, you are likely to fail if you are solely depending on it to succeed in the industry. There are many people out there who have the papers, but don’t have an idea how to use their knowledge to start a music career. Most companies and people in the music industry are not really concerned about degrees. They are simply looking for someone who is talented and serious about building a career in music. It is a fact that most of the successful professional musicians have not gone to school to learn about music.    

3. Trying to get ‘discovered’ by uploading music online

Many musicians think that getting their music ‘out there’ is the key to breaking into the music industry. As a result, they are always uploading their music on different music distribution and social media sites, hoping that someone in the music industry will listen to it. However, most of the people who depend on this strategy don’t get their music heard by the people who matter. People who succeed in the music industry don’t sit around waiting to be discovered by record companies. Instead, they approach music companies directly, and offer a proposal for a mutually beneficial partnership.

4. Attempting to do everything on your own

Don’t make the mistake of trying to succeed in the music industry by doing everything on your own. Attempting to build a music career based on trial and error or copying what others are doing is likely to result in failure. Instead, you should seek the guidance of a mentor who has succeeded in the music business. This will help you avoid costly mistakes which will leave you disappointed and frustrated.

5. Getting advice from the wrong people

There are many people out there who are ready to give you advice about the music industry. This includes your friends, family and even amateur musicians. However, though they might be well-meaning, listening to advice from people who are not music professionals is likely to have a negative impact on your career. To succeed in your career, get counsel from people that have a track record of success in the music industry.


Making a break into the music industry may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Avoiding the mistakes outlined above will enhance your chances of success.

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