5 Technologies That Will Make 2014 a Game Changer


2014: it’s a time when a control panel appears in mid air, you can snap your fingers and your TV, lights, and music come to life, or something as complicated as a musical instrument can be replicated by a printer. Basically, it’s the future- as we imagine it- coming to life. Here’s the best what we can expect to see in 2014:

1. Smart watches are the next big thing

That’s right. They’re going to be big. It’s a new Google product that’s been designed to eradicate the inconvenience of clumsy, breakable phones: the smart watch is set to debut on the public marketplace in 2014.

Designed to be even smarter than the smartphone, smart watches will feature the ability to learn what news and updates are important to us, when we receive them and be highly tuned to voice control. How the product will do this, for example by tracking GPS movements or monitoring heart rate, is set to be one of the most inventive technological breakthroughs of the year.

2. Google Glass is on the brink

Last year, an estimated 60, 000 units of Google glass sold. This year, with a predicted several million expected to hit the shelves, the product is on the brink of breaking into the public market, but still a long way away from becoming a common household technology.

Needless to say, we’re already excited about the possibilities. The augmented reality glasses allow digital graphics or applications to be overlaid on a real life scene in real time. Emails, texts, hands free pictures and videos, directions and translation- the options are endless. Google Glass 2.0 and the Glass App Store are expected to be released to the public anytime in 2014. 

3. Screen technology

There are two kinds of screens that will be catching our eye more than usual this year. The highly anticipated iPhone 6 will have unprecedented screen quality. Sources have revealed it’s likely we’ll be seeing quantum dots in a sapphire crystal screen; enabling screens not only to show pictures more clearly, but with a wider gamut of colours. The newest model will be bigger than the iPhone 5s and 5c’s four-inch displays: the Wall St Journal have rumoured 4.5 and 5 inch screens will be hitting the market. According to an inside Korean source, at least one of the models will have a full-width frameless screen, meaning the picture will seamlessly flow over the side of the phone. Rumours have suggested that the 6 model will be released anywhere between June and September, so stay posted.

Next in the picture is the curved television screen set to become a staple among tech giants LG, Samsung and across the board. Some of the reasons cited for curvature include benefits for theatres, field of view, 3D and depth enhancement. It’s yet another example of technology manufactures striving to create the ultimate virtual reality.

4. Home automation

Despite a history of limitations and hurdles, 2014 could be the year home automation finally takes off. LG and Samsung are currently the industry leaders, both having developed technologies based on wi-fi connections and smart applications.

What can we expect to see? A complete range of our household appliances controlled remotely from a single app- SmartAccess. Hang in there; it’ll be worth the wait.

5. 3D Printing paves the way for innovative production

While the full extent of 3D printing possibilities are still some time away, it’s a method that’s going to make waves in 2014.

After it’s popularity increased last year it also became dramatically cheaper. Good news for us, who think the ability to make multi-layered products that are actually usable is pretty amazing.

What we can expect to see this year is still unclear, but it’s the start of big things to come. How it will change manufacturing and imports is another story, and one we’re keen to keep an eye out on.