5 Things Every Civil Engineer Should Add to Their CV

Civil engineering is one of the most popular careers and this also makes it fiercely competitive. Apart from the required qualifications, there are other things you should add to your CV to make yours stand out from the rest. While some of these may seem no brainers it is surprising how many concentrate on the qualification aspect and let other areas slide. Here are is our list of 5 things every engineer should add to their CV.


This is a national certificate that concentrates on health and safety within the construction industry. As civil engineers will invariably spend a lot of time on site having this in your CV speaks volumes for how seriously you take this aspect of the job. This SMSTS courses and certificates are aimed at those in managerial positions to ensure they can implement the actions to make a construction site as safe as possible to work in. This is not a necessity in civil engineering but it a worthwhile string to add to your bow.

Add projects

One of the aforementioned no brainers. Civil engineers will often spend a lot of time listing the companies they have worked for, and their duties at that company. However, the part they played in actual projects is a big issue. All companies in this sector are aware of ongoing projects and who is responsible for them. Be specific about the part you played in that new hotel, not just the fact you ’worked on it’.

Fine balance

You need to find the balance between wordiness and essential information. Many make the mistake of thinking a long CV is the way to go; wrong. Potential employers don’t care about what a good guy you are and how you religiously follow your local football team. Yours is one of dozens of CV’s they are looking at. One glance at that essay may see yours dismissed without a second glance. Stay succinct and to the point at all times.

The use of buzz words

High end companies may well scan CV’s from prospective employees and use an algorithm to pick out key, or buzz, words to cut down on the length of time sifting through CV’s. Read and re-read that job description. Pick out the words and phrases used the most as these are the most likely the computer will pick up on. By getting this step right you are already ahead of those who have blown their own trumpet but paid little attention the details of the job itself.

Sell the benefit

So you have a long length of skills, great, except so will all your competitors. The key here is getting across how a company will benefit from your skills. Highlight your skills and give examples of how your past experiences benefited the company you were working for the time. By wording this cleverly you can let people know just what a vital role you played, even if from the outside you only seemed to be one cog in a very big wheel.

Civil engineering is a great job and these are just some of the things that people can add to their CV’s that will differentiate them from their contemporaries.


Image: istock