5 Things Middle Class Doesn’t Understand About the Rich

Do you dream of freeing yourself from financial stress?

Me too!

But here’s the truth: billions of people dream of making huge money… but only a few are able to achieve it on time.

Do you think it’s because of luck? No.

Is it because of lack of ability? No.

Is it because of mindset? Yes.

Middle class people often feel indignant towards richer folks. After working for long hours and not finding yourself in a good financial position, it is easy to assume that rich people always had an unfair advantage or they are just lucky. While the truth is the difference between the rich and middle class is not so much about intelligence or luck as about state of mind.

Here are five things about the rich you probably didn’t know.

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1. Middle class care about saving, rich people care about earning

We are taught to save money from the beginning, but always end up without enough money. The problem with this mindset is that people are overly concerned with depositing money in the bank, and end up missing the opportunity to use this money to become richer.  

Even rich people save money, but they first focus on boosting earnings, making the percentage they save more significant. Even in the middle of financial crisis, they are the experts in focusing their energy where it belongs: the big money.

2. Middle class are friends with everyone, while rich are selective of their friends

In most cases, parents teach their kids the importance of contacts. They hope their kids enjoy school days. However, rich parents have a different approach. They too want their kids to enjoy school life, but they also understand that contacts can make a difference between the life of an average achievement and the one with an exceptional opportunity.

The rich may be seemingly friends with everyone, but would only value a few associations who would give them leverage. Don’t hate rich people for this. For them, keeping middle class people at arm’s length is just a good business.

3. Average people are emotional about money, while rich people think about money logically

Not many people are able to see money without clouding with negative emotions, since they are brainwashed with middle class philosophies and beliefs. Middle class people just desire to retire comfortably.

The rich look at money dispassionately and logically. Their financial decisions are not made out of fear of losing, but instead they look at it as a means to achieve their aims and seal the comfort. According to them, money is a tool that presents wide opportunities and this gives them a strategic benefit in building greater wealth through leverage. Being rich requires a level head – a head that thinks logically.

4. Middle class long for good old days, wealthy dream about the future

Most of us grew up hearing stories about old days when music was good, people were kind and honest, etc. No wonder this tradition goes from generation to generation. However, its purveyors have no idea how destructive this could actually be. People who think their best days have passed seldom get rich, and often struggle with depression and unhappiness.

Rich people are prepared to bet on themselves to project their dreams and aspirations into an uncertain future. They set goals that might seem impossible to achieve for many. But they know they are achievable.

5. Middle class want comfort, the rich embrace being uncomfortable

A safe job is comfortable. Working for others is comfortable. To middle class, being comfortable means being happy, but rich people understand that extraordinary, remarkable things happen when we put ourselves in uncomfortable conditions.

Starting a business can be risky, but taking risks is what it takes to achieve good results. It takes guts to take such risks and average people aren’t comfortable taking them. All they need is physical and emotional comfort.

The key to understand is that it is the money from the asset that you will be creating and not money from your pocket. It’s only your beliefs that are holding you back on the way to get rich as wealth is more about approach than luck.