5 Things Powerful People Never Say


You’ve probably met one or two of them in your lifetime; those driven, creative, successful people who exude power and prosperity wherever they go. Becoming like that was usually no accident, however. Instead, it required a concentrated effort and a clear vision -- as well as an avoidance of the negative patterns that only result in negative results. 

If you aim to be a powerful person, the path can involve doing good work, pursuing the right education, and finding mentors who can help guide you as you grow. It can also include banishing these phrases from your vocabulary.

"It’s your fault."

Powerful people don’t blame others for the things that don’t go right in their lives. Because they’re the architects of their own destinies, they take responsibility for their actions, and don’t pass the buck. Thus, they’ll also take the time to work through what went wrong, and will work to avoid making the same mistake twice.

"It can’t be done."

Powerful people might eventually make this statement, but it will only come after much research and due diligence. To begin with, they won’t accept the "it can’t be done" statement from other people, and they won’t say it themselves without trying every which way to make something work. If they find that "it" can’t be done one way, they won’t rest until they’ve found another, often better way to get it done.

"It’s too much work."

When a powerful person sets her sights on a goal, nothing will stand in the way of achieving that goal. If success was easy, everyone would have it. To really experience success, powerful people will devote nights, weekends and other free time to meeting their goals. Because they’re always thinking a few steps ahead, powerful people will have a very good idea of what they’re getting into before signing onto a project, and thus will have a good sense of how much work it’s going to take.

"We’ve always done it this way."

Powerful people don’t stand for stagnant thinking. Instead, they’re brave enough to march forward into the unknown and to do things in a different way, in order to elicit a different result. They’re not afraid of innovation, and they’ll encourage out-of-the-box thinking among those with whom they work.

Making judgments or sharing gossip

Simply put, powerful people don’t have time to gossip about other people or to spend time sharing their judgments of other people’s lives; they’re too busy moving forward. If they encounter someone who doesn’t gel with them, or someone experiencing problems that others might gossip about, powerful people will give those people as little energy as possible, and move onto focusing on the next steps in their own journey. Basically, powerful people give attention to the people with whom they can count on to share their vision of the future. 

With those things removed from your daily conversations, replace them with phrases that convey positivity, promise, and a commitment to getting things done. With that achieved, you’ll be on your way toward being a more powerful person yourself.