5 Things Successful People Do When They Quit Their Jobs

Successful people don’t see quitting as failure. Instead, they see their exit as a chance to further their careers. Learn what are the things they do.

Successful professionals know when it’s time to move on. They know when they should get a new job that offers them better prospects in terms of career development and growth. But most importantly, they know how to say goodbye to their bosses and the people who helped them get this far.

If you are considering quitting your job, take a look at how successful people say goodbye to their bosses the right way.

1. Say Thank You

businessman says thank you

The moment your boss decided to welcome you onto the team, you were given an opportunity to prove yourself. So, before leaving your job, you have to recognise the people who have been there for you when you needed help and support. This is important, especially if this opportunity was the first step in your career. Saying thank you to your boss and letting him/her know that you appreciate the time and money they have invested in you is a way of leaving with grace and dignity.

2. Quit for the Right Reasons

man quits job

Your decision to quit your job shouldn’t be based merely on personal reasons. Not liking your boss or colleagues is not a good reason to quit your job. Usually, the best reason to leave your job is when you find another one that allows you to make an upward move in your career. You should always be moving forward; instead of moving away from a situation you aren’t satisfied with.

3. See Quitting as an Opportunity

woman climbs ladder

When you realise that quitting doesn’t mean you are failing, wonderful things can happen. Moving on to a new position can be a difficult transition, nevertheless, it should be regarded as an opportunity to advance and make something better for yourself. Think about it. A new job will allow you to meet more people expanding your network and equip you with valuable skills and experience that you get to carry with you throughout your career journey.

4. Have a Resignation Plan

woman throws paper

When leaving your job, it’s important to have a resignation plan in place. This should help you find out what you need to do e.g. complete any paperwork or any other work your boss needs you to complete. It can also help you decide how you will handle the situation at the office once you announce that you are quitting. A resignation plan is a way to make the transition a lot easier.

5. Leave on Good Terms

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Leaving on good terms is essential since it allows you to keep your options open. But, even if in the future you don’t go back to your previous employer, you should avoid burning bridges. Not only is this considered very unprofessional and disrespectful, but it will also eliminate any chances you have of getting a good recommendation or a reference letter from this employer later in your career. Instead of ending things negatively, try to talk things through, think about the good times you had there and say how happy you are to have met them and worked with them.

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Leaving your job may not be easy, but when it is time to move on you, then you just have to do it. Most importantly, try out these tips to help you do it right.   

Have you ever had to leave your job? How did you do it? Let me know in the comments section below…