5 Things That Should Be Your Greatest Assets

Whether it is Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet or a Mark Zukerberg these five assets applies.  All top performers and influencers are very sensitive about them and make them high priority as what they possess. To become a top performer you have to guard these five assets religiously and maximize their effectiveness.


Time is valued, perhaps that’s why Google receives 111 million searches a month for Time Management. According to the book ‘What to do between Birth and Death’, “You don’t really pay for things with money. You pay for them with time.” In this age of abundance, time is the one thing nobody has enough of. Time remains your number one asset and investing your time wisely matters ultimately to the success of your career.


A recent study has discovered that educated people are less likely to have depression, attain more achievements, and are healthier. Researchers say that education helps people better manage their lives and overcome the problems they face such as unemployment, divorce, and the death of relatives and friends. Such scientific study confirms the significance of education, knowledge, and reading. Every day, scientists discover new benefits for knowledge.


Whether the relationship with your pet, your friend, spouse or family, or even a higher being, relationships are vital to your development and progress. Having a solid and stable partnership reduces your risk for almost every major disease, including heart disease, and adds an average of three years to your life, experts say.

Those in happy partnerships appear to have greater immunity, are more likely to have a good diet and exercise and are less inclined to smoke and drink, research shows.


Values like honesty, integrity, kindness and hard work are some key values that will define who you are. Values help you to make the right choices. And choices define our paths. Every successful person has a core, a rod of strength and integrity that runs right through them. It causes them to see that this world needs people who will do what is right, play by the rules, fight for what is true and take time to care for the little guy and the underdog.

Yes, good guys do finish first after all. And when, on those few occasions they don’t, they decide they would still do it the same way all over again. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Believe it or not, even with all of the scandalous behavior that we read about in the newspapers every day, good people are still the backbone of society. They are what make it work and make it benefit everyone.


Your health is very important whether it is your physical or mental health. It has to be well taken care of because it is at the core of you living a fulfilled life. If you can’t take care of yourself, your career will suffer.

The facts: A person who exercises regularly has more energy and physical capacity than someone who doesn’t. A person who eats intelligently, stays hydrated, and avoids too much caffeine, too much booze or too much of anything will feel better in the late hours of the workday than someone who doesn’t.

You should always be responsible for these assets. How they fair matters to your career.