5 Things to Do During the Last 10 Minutes of Your Workday

The first and last 10 minutes of work are equally important. How you handle this time helps you always be prepared. So what do you spend your time on?

How you use your time at work is important to success. Time management is an ability every worker needs to develop in order to be more effective at work. But what’s most important is how you spend those last ten minutes at work which can set your mood for the next day and influence the overall level of your happiness. These can also determine how productive you are going to be the next workday depending on how well you prepare for it.

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Here are a few things you can do during the last 10 minutes of your day at work.

1. Organise Your Desk

organised desk

Even though most people don’t realise it, having an orderly desktop will help you improve the quality of your work. Keeping your desk in order helps you prioritise your tasks, think more clearly, reduce stress and limit distractions that can prevent you from doing your work effectively. It also makes you more efficient and faster at finding important documents when you need them, helping you keep up with other people’s requests. Before you leave the office, make an effort to clean your desk, and you will thank yourself the next day.

2. Reflect on the Day

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At the end of the day, it’s good practice to sit back and think about what you have done. Look at the work you have completed and what went well or wrong. Reflect on how you can do things differently next time and come up with other ways to improve the way you work. For example, perhaps you want to make better use of your time at work or learn how to use your resources easier and quicker. This should help you become better and more efficient day by day.

3. Complete Small Projects

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Towards the end of your work day focus on the smaller tasks you need to complete. Instead of leaving the big chunks of work until the afternoon – and stressing about whether you can finish these on time, do yourself a favour and keep things a bit more relaxed during the 10 last minutes of work. Since you will be tired at the end of the day, it’s better to tackle your high priority projects first thing in the morning and leave the easier ones for the end the day.

4. Finish Work With Your Colleagues

colleagues working together

Before you leave the office, make sure that you have done everything you had to do during the day. If you promised to send your colleagues a file, do it quickly so that you don’t leave it to the last minute and then forget all about it. To be successful in your work, you need to accomplish what you planned to do, respond to requests like you said you would and don’t leave people hanging.

5. Plan for the Next Day

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The last 10 minutes of work is the perfect time for you to prepare for the next day. Plan the things you need to do and give yourself a good start the following day. The best way to do this is to make a list of your primary goals so that you are ready for work first thing in the morning. This should also help you create a schedule every day to keep track of your performance and whatever else you are required to do.

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The last 10 minutes of work are as crucial as the first ones so make sure you spend them wisely to make the most out of your day. What’s your end-of-day routine like? Let me know in the comments section below…




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