5 Things to Do in Your 20s for Later Success

Are you in your twenties? This can really suck. It is a stressful chapter that consists of life between exuberant and beer-infused college years and real adulthood. Many of us are taking longer than our parents to complete our education and settle into our dream careers -- making our 20s seem like a one decade-long spell in the waiting room of life. Generally, it is a time of freedom, parties and experimentation but whoever has gone through this period can testify that it matters a lot and it is hugely stressful.

Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist asserts in her book, The Defining Decade, that although your 20s can be both consequence- and responsibility-free, the decisions you make during this period have a huge impact on your life’s progress down the road. Therefore, the way you enjoy the advantages brought to you by this period of self exploration as you set yourself up for the best shot of happiness and success determines your success later on.

If you fall in this age bracket and you are on the verge of losing your mind, relax, you are not alone. Remember you don’t need to have everything you figured to have by the time you are 30. Below is a list of things you can do in your 20s and emerge successful later in life.


#1. Try as Many Careers as Possible

Don’t restrict yourself. Explore your capabilities. Trying as many careers as possible will help you broaden your skillset hence making you more marketable in the remote future. Discover what makes you tick and do not base your choices on money or the fear of unemployment. Take this time to ask yourself what you really want in your life and go for it. Remember we have only one life to live. Don’t waste it living another person’s life.

#2. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Other people’s activities are not and will never be a measure of your worth on earth. All of us have different paths. In your 20s, you are likely to have struggles and moments of despair. At times, you might feel like your peers are ahead of you.

Since is about the long game, success requires your willingness to put the work in. It needs your perseverance and patience. Remember that success cannot be achieved overnight and is not superficial. Comparing yourself with others is not only unnecessary but also a waste of time and a self-imposed impediment.

 #3. Tour the World

Just like our ancestors who roamed the world, we were never supposed to sit still. The best time to travel is during your twenties. This is because you are bound to be tied down with constraints as you age. There is so much enlightenment in traveling. Immerse yourself in various cultures and learn from them. Additionally, take time to explore what is within your country.

#4. Eat Right, Exercise, Get Healthy

Your metabolism is not going to be as cooperative as it is in your younger days. Don’t wait until it is too late. Start eating right and exercising now. Remember that being in good shape will give you the energy to bolster your success as you age.

#5. Tame Your Tech

In their twenties, most individuals are notorious for being attached to their smartphones and other devices 24/7. Learn to limit your usage on tech and use it for all it’s worth. Instead of spending your time surfing the Internet or watching TV, do something that fascinates you and that is also profitable. Additionally, consider talking to people that are near you instead of texting them.

Life is not all about money. Take money as a result and not a goal. Remember it comes and goes. If you are able to understand this important in your late twenties, you will already be wise beyond your age.


Image source: talkingevilbean